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This narration style showcases a warm tonality with an approachable feel that keeps the attention of the listener.

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training is a great opportunity to expand the knowledge and skills of employees. Companies can choose from a variety of online tools to enhance their training activities, but even so, most training programs are still inexpensive and tedious. Experience training delivery is not engaging. The content is not personalized to the learner's needs, and it's very hard to track the skills that employees learned there is actually a simpler, better way of training and learning. Online Matrix is a learning platform for businesses that provides all the essential tools for creating and managing training activities with an intuitive design. Matrix makes training enjoyable and enables learners and instructors toe have a great learning experience Anytime, anywhere. Businesses can create their own training hub that is fully customized and reflects their brand identity. Instructors can build engaging courses suited to their training style without any technical knowledge. Matrix provides an easy and efficient way to create content, deliver training and organized learner audiences. Companies that focus on talent development can use competency based learning to tad training content with the skills that they want to teach and assess, then track learner progress. Based on their mastery of those skills, instructors can make courses more dynamic and adapted to their needs. Using advanced, innovative functionalities such as automation and adaptive learning, you can trigger automated actions and personalized what content learners see and courses based on their performance. Learners have a great experience with matrix and navigate easily through the platform. Using game ification, courses become or interactive learners enjoy earning points and badges and games, which makes learning more engaging and enhances knowledge. Retention learners can keep track of their progress through courses at all times. Project collaboration and teamwork are enhanced. Using tools such as groups, teams, chats and more. Matrix provides all the e commerce tools companies need to sell online courses such a subscriptions, bundles, coupons, marketing tools and integration with the most popular payment gateways. You can also use matrix with your favorite absent tools for training, such as G, Dr Salesforce, Xabier and more. Sign up now for a 14 day free trial and join the millions of Happy Matrix users