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This medical narration demo showcases my understanding of medical terminology with different reads to engage and educate the listener. A busy surgeon and a sweet nurse both make an appearance.

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naloxone has a high affinity for mu opioid receptors where it access an inverse agonist, causing the rapid removal of any other drugs bound to these receptors when taken in large quantities opioid medications such as morphine, HYDROmorphone, methadone, heroin or fentaNYL are capable of causing life threatening symptoms such as respiratory depression, reduced heart rate, slurred speech, drowsiness and constricted pupils. If untreated, this can progress to vomiting, absent pulse and breathing, loss of consciousness and even death. naloxone is indicated for the rapid reversal of these symptoms of central nervous system, depression and opioid overdose. Humanized monoclonal antibodies or M abs are those in which small but critical parts of the complementarity determining region are from non human sources. But the larger constant regions of the immunoglobulin heavy and light chains are human derived Chimeric antibodies are those in which the FC part of the immunoglobulin molecule but not the CDR is a human sequence in general, Heimerich mobs and humanized antibodies contained greater than 65 and greater than 90% human sequence respectively. To prevent the spread of covid 19 and keep everyone at the hospital safe. We're asking all patients family caregivers and visitors to wear a mask or face covering while in the hospital as you enter the hospital, you'll meet with our screening staff if you don't have your own mask or face covering or if the staff determines that the mask you're wearing is not effective. Will hand you a mask to wear. Please clean your hands with hand sanitizer before and after putting your mask on respiratory gastrointestinal genital urinary and skin and soft tissue infections are the most common sources of Subsys pneumonia is the most common cause of sepsis, although many patients with sepsis have fever. The clinical manifestation can be subtle, particularly in older patients, and those who are immuno compromised fluid resuscitation is the priority and early management, including administering an intravenous crystal Lloyd at 30 mL per kilogram within the first three hours. The middle ear is an air filled chamber connected to the nose and throat via a channel called the U. Station tube. Normally, air moves through this tube to equalize the pressure in the middle ear with that of the air around us. This is especially important when there are large changes in the external air pressure, such as implying or scuba diving.