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This is a paid job for the Marquis de Montesqiuou Armangac.
My role was the spokesperson explaining the heritage and tradition involved in making a fine French alcoholic beverage. Although informative, the tone is enthusiastic, like I'm telling a friend about a great product that I am passionate about and I want them to enjoy it for the same reasons I do.

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French (Parisienne) North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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Armagnac is the name of a region in the southwest of France, also called Gascony. It is where the oldest French Odah V has been made for over 700 years. Ailes, an ancient medieval and Roman village, is a capital of Armagnac and the location of the Marquis de Montesquieu seller. In fact, the Mont issue family has been deeply rooted in the soil of Gascony for almost 1000 years. In the early 19 fifties, the French Marquis Pierre to Mont Askew founded the Mont Sq house. Pierre has quite a story to tell, for he was a direct descendant of Dartanyon, the famous musketeer of Louis, the 14th king of France. We pay tribute to this heritage with a nod to the musketeer gored and an iconic bottle shape at Marquita Monta Skew. The finest parcels are carefully selected from local wine growers in Armagnac, 10 Erez and Bozz arm and actor uars, also called growth areas. We have been proudly working with a few families for several generations. Among the 10 authorized white grape varieties in the region, we prioritize. Three of them only belong for Blanche Ambah COBOL, but beautiful vines can only get you so far. It's what we do with them that matters right after the harvest. As soon as the wine is fresh and ready, all of it is distilled. Using artisanal Mobile Elam picks this low energy column still is recognized for its continuous distillation process. The direct exchange between the vapors and the cool wine in the column is the secret to producing particularly expressive Oh Davies. When distillation is completed, it's time for the maturation process to take place. The O Davies a raged a new red, an old Gascony oak cast of 400 leaders each most o Davies are raised individually. A barrel generally holds a single distillate from a single vineyard made from a single vintage. The cathedral that's the nickname of our cellar as its dimensions and the peaceful silence prevailing there in command respect right in the heart of the village. Of those, this masterpiece of architecture holds, on average 1000 oak barrels following the footsteps of his two predecessors, our cellar master Eric Gironde, overseas each individual barrel over time. Like a true artist, he achieves the perfect balance by blending together different grape varieties, vintages and tear uars. Each Marquis du Mont sq bottle is a result of heritage, tradition and craftsmanship.