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    Spokesperson Voices

    The spokesperson is a character who speaks on behalf of a group or organisation, such as a government entity or corporation. The spokesperson character is typically trained in communications. The spokesperson character gives news updates and handles press conferences. The spokesperson is a character skilled in delivering tough messages and answering or dodging tricky questions, minimising faults or errors and amplifying positive messages. The spokesperson character speaks on behalf of the group and eliminates his or her bias from influencing what is spoken on behalf of the group.

    The spokesperson character appears at large meetings, press conferences, on television shows, as well as in other settings where a company, government agency, religious organisation or other notable group or individual is being represented. The spokesperson character may give simple and informative interviews on how a sports team is doing, how the expansions of a company is going, or give a positive report on a government program’s rollout. The spokesperson character may also have to deliver difficult news or handle the fallout of a scandal, such as when a popular team member is arrested, a company is filing for bankruptcy, or when government corruption is revealed. The spokesperson character is always professional, and aims to answer questions to the best of his or her ability in a manner that maintains a positive image for the group being represented. The spokesperson character may even be a celebrity in an advertisement promoting a product; creating a positive image for a brand.

    The core elements of the spokesperson character are delivering a clear and trustworthy message, eliminating personal bias, and defending the image of the group being represented. Spokesperson characters can be seen in many formats, fiction and nonfiction, and even in real life, representing a wide array of organisations. Observing how spokesperson characters conduct themselves can help you integrate the qualities of a spokesperson into your own spokesperson character voice. With enough practice, you can be the perfect representative!