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Burgess Audio Book for Children - Voices of Peter Rabbit & Robin Wren

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One of my favorites because I was entertaining myself! I'm still very much a kid myself!

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Teen (13-17)


North American


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I sure as you're alive now, Peter rabbit, someday I will catch you! Snarled Reddy fox as he poked his black nose in the hole between the roots of the big hickory tree which grows close to the smiling pool, and is lucky for you that you were not one jump farther away from this whole peter safe inside that hole didn't have a word to say, or if he did he didn't have breath enough to say it. It was quite true that if he had been one jump farther from that whole reddy fox would have caught him. As it was. The hairs on Peter's funny white tail actually had tickled readies back as peter plunged frantically through the root bound entrance to that hole, it had been the narrowest escape peter had had for a long, long time. You see Reddy fox had surprised peter nibbling sweet clover on the bank of the Smiling Pond. And it had been a lucky thing for peter that that hole dug long ago by johnny chuck's grandfather had been right where it was also, it was a lucky thing that old mr chuck had been wise enough to make the entrance between the roots of that tree in such a way that it could not be dug any larger. Reddy fox was too shrewd to waste any time trying to dig it larger. He knew there wasn't room enough for him to get between those routes, so after trying to make peter as uncomfortable as possible by telling him what he ready would do to him when he did catch him. Reddy trotted off across the green meadows. Peter remained where he was for a long time when he was quite sure that it was safe to do so, he crept out and hurried liberty. Liberty lit up to the old orchard. He felt that that would be the safest place for him, because there were ever so many hiding places in the old stone wall along the edge of it. When Peter reached the old orchard, who should he see? But jenny, Wren, jenny had arrived that very morning from the sunny south where she had spent the winter! Exclaimed jenny, as soon as she saw Peter, If here isn't Peter Rabbit himself, how did you manage to keep out of the clutches of reddy fox for all the long winter, Peter chuckled. I didn't have much trouble with ready during the winter, said he. But this very morning he so nearly caught me, that it is a wonder that my hair is not snow white from fright! Then he told jenny all about his narrow escape. Had it not been for that handy, hola! Grandfather chuck? I couldn't possibly have escaped, concluded Peter, jenny wren cocked her pert little head on one side, and her sharp little eyes snapped. Why don't you learn to swim, peter like your cousin? Down in the sunny south? She demanded. If he had been in your place, he would simply have plunged into the smiling pool, and laughed at Reddy fox. Peter sat bolt upright with his eyes very wide open in them was a funny look of surprise as he stared up at jenny wren. When are you talking about, jenny wren? He demanded. Don't you know that none of the rabbit family swim, unless it is to cross the laughing brook when there is no other way of getting to the other side, or or when actually driven into the water by an enemy from whom there is no other escape. I can swim a little if I have to, but you don't catch me in the water when I can stay on land. What is more? You won't find any other members of my family doing such a thing! Exclaimed jenny Wren, in her sharp, scolding voice for a fellow who has been so curious about the way of his feathered neighbors. You know very little about your own family. If I were in your place, I would learn about my own relatives before I became curious about my neighbors.