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    Bully Voices

    Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and can lurk anywhere from the school yard to the workplace, and beyond.

    The bully is a mean-spirited character who takes joy in bringing others down. The bully is often stronger, more aggressive, and has more perceived or actual power than the person being bullied. Bullies are often cruel, impolite, and arrogant. Bullies often feel that they are in the right, and that people who are bullied deserve it.

    The forms of bullying may vary depending on who is bullying who. A man bullying another man, or a boy bullying a boy, is much more likely to be physically aggressive and use verbal taunts. A woman bullying another woman, or a girl bullying a girl, is more likely to use her social circle to exclude her victim, gossip, lie and otherwise degrade her victim. Verbal forms of bullying or harassment are usually shared by both the male and female bully.

    Bullies can be seen in many settings, often in the school or work environment. In a school environment, it may involve shoving, calling someone names, excluding someone from a team or group. In a work environment, bullying may involve gossipping, lying to or harassing an individual.

    Bullies are usually antagonistic characters, who are not considerate of others and wish to show his or her power. To voice a bully, there has to be a good balance between menacing and arrogant, cruel and complaining. To voice a bully, one must temporarily act like one during recording, to properly get the tone down.

    Chances are, we've all interacted with, or witnesses a bully or two, and so you may know that a bully voice can serve as that definitive antagonist.

    A bully voice can be used to pull together your cartoon, video game, audiobook and more. Find the best bully voices for your next project.