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Kimmy Jimmel

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Voice Over • Elearning


Talk show host on late night spoof for an e-learning series

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Thank you. Thank you. I'm kimmy, welcome to you to meet a late night. Hey electra. How about those gas prices? Right. I asked the attendant at the gas station, how much for a gallon of gas and he said $8. So I said, well how much for half a gallon? He said $4. Hmm. How about a quarter of a gallon? He said it was $2. Well how much for a drop of gasoline? He said that would be no charge. I said thank you sir, I'll take 10,000 of those ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. The lovely and brilliant Professor Q. A. P. Is here to talk to us about accreditation and then we'll play a special game of whose benefit is this anyway? But first put your hands together in warm welcome for our guests tonight. The one and only Professor Q. Ap Great to have you here tonight, Professor Q. Ap or should I call you Q. So what's going on in the world of accessible vehicles and auto adaptive equipment? So who are the players in this industry? Why does QA. P matter? That's awesome. Tell us about this clip you brought with you to show. Let's roll that clip. So that's where Q AP accreditation comes in. That brings us right into our next segment in a moment. We're going to share the key requirements of the QA. P. Program but now it's time for a game we call, whose benefit is it. Anyway. Okay, so Professor Q. We're going to give you a little quiz to see if you recognize who this program benefits. I'll let each of our four guests introduce themselves and see if you can tell me who they are. That's impressive. Professor Que. Let's do another Amazing. Let's reveal # three. You're on a roll. Let's meet that last guest. You know it? Great job. Professor Que. So before we go, tell us what exactly does it take for a dealer to be Q AP accredited such useful information. Professor QA. P thanks for being on with us. At the end of the day. QA. P is about one thing safety. That's our show everybody. Good night.