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Hello, I'm Melissa. And for the next few minutes, we're going to take a look at just some of the many ways Dow Chemical products are used. Would you like a refund on your property taxes this year? If you own or occupy any commercial property in Los Angeles or Orange County, we can help. Rex is an appraiser and gets a call from someone who introduces himself as your best client. Bob. Here's the problem. Rex has no idea who Bob is warning. The following presentation is not for men. It is exclusively for women who have struggled with their weight for years. Hey, you're smart, you know that To be successful in today's crowded marketplace, you got to stand out from the competition to want your idea, inspire your employees, grow your client base and ultimately reach your goals. Meet arrows at 8000 Be to use the arrows in window air conditioner will certainly keep you cool, but that's not what makes it cool. Arrows is kind of a genius. It connects via WiFi and is controlled by the wink at it knows when to cool you down. And when you may want to keep things a bit more toasty. Dumbo Heights. A dynamic space mechanically engineered for optimum performance and unrivalled connectivity. Creators, innovators, game changers. Welcome. This is where you go to change the world.