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This is an audiobook sample showcasing passive narration and active character emotions to take the reader from feeling whats the character feels at a certain point to have a perspective of the situations the character is sometimes in.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Indian (India)


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they would catch long tailed fish, which were, in fact tadpoles on. Raul would put them in a small tank at home. Over a few weeks, the fish would turn into frogs on. The boy would be ecstatic. Magic! He'd exclaimed each time he witnessed the metamorphoses. The world is a wizard. Or maybe it's my best friend, Dina. Once he had gauged the pulse off his business for the day, he would shift based to a local cyber cafe to make his extortion threats. He would pay ₹20 foran hour off Internet access in the air conditioned space playing online road rash when the underworld didn't need him. Over the next three years, with an average of 12 called city, Raul made thousands of extortion threats and earned crores of rupees for his boss. With the Internet assisting him with Anonima T, as well as contact data off potential targets, he was able to target some of the most influential men in the country. The VoIP calls told his victims that he wasn't an ordinary gangster. They made him look sophisticated, even important. Many of