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Satauna Howery

Saratoga Springs, New York

Sports Academy Foundation Brand Video

Voice Over Video Narration + 20 More
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Christy Fabbri

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Kids Learning Demo

Voice Over Elearning + 20 More
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Eden Bodnar

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Voice Over Audiobooks + 22 More
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Angela Liu

Los Angeles, California

Mandarin_Product Promo_Corporate

Voice Over Elearning + 19 More
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Andrea Collins

Toronto, Ontario

Edgy Athletic - OM Bra

Voice Over Documentaries + 19 More
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Andy Geller

Los Angeles, California

Andy Geller Promo Demo

Voice Over Video Narration + 21 More
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Coach Voices

The coach is an encouraging character who teaches a specific topic to someone or a team, most common in the educational and sporting senses. The coach is generally older, wiser and more experienced in the topic he or she coaches people in than his or her students. Similar to teachers and mentors, coaches hold a position of authority over their students, and act professionally, though they can be friendly at times, as well.

The sports coach manages a team of players, and often teaches them how to improve in their game performance and broader lives both collectively and on an individual basis. Coaches take on a leadership role, both instructing and demonstrating game tactics, clear communication, fair and honourable conduct, and many other lessons are both defined and applied. In professional sports, the coach takes on the role of a mentor, while the coach for a team in an educational setting may act more as a teacher or parent. The coach, especially when working with teenagers or young adults, may work to instil life lessons and values such as teamwork, dedication, discipline, trying one’s hardest, and other positive traits that build an athlete.

The educational coach, who may more often be called a tutor or teacher, specialises in a specific topic. These can be financial coaches, life coaches, writing coaches, acting coaches or guides in other subjects. These coaches advise an individual on what a subject is broadly, and all the qualities that make up the subject, providing instruction, criticism and practical examples for the student to utilise so he or she improves at the subject being taught.

Examples of coaches who focus on individuals in movies are Rocky’s coach, Mickey Goldmill Mighty, and Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid. Coaches who focus on teams can be seen in the movie Coach Carter, which is based on a true story, and in interviews with coaches of professional sports teams. The idea of a coach in more of a mentoring role, teaching discipline, can be seen in the relationship between Yoda and his apprentice, Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy. Observing these coaches and taking notes on their performances can help you deliver your own voice as a coach in an efficient and professional manner.