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For a church, this piece is filled with awe and wonder. A testimonial of sorts.

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what fills you with wonder what causes your mind to fill with curiosity, Your heart to beat a little faster. What makes your jaw drop and your voice cry out, wow! There's something about beauty that captures the human imagination when we see or taste or hear something that is so magnificently pleasing to our senses. There often aren't words that exist to convey the feelings we experience. The only thing we can say is, Wow! three letters that say much more than entire books of poetry or philosophy could ever begin to explain. Wow! It's this gut level explosion of sound that responds to a kind of beauty that refuses to allow human beings to not be overcome with awe when a child is born, or takes its first steps when a person hears the roar of waterfalls or the groans of a saxophone when the sky is painted with magnificent colors or human beings catch a glimpse of the fantastic wonders of the stars. Our souls respond in awe and wonder at this moment transcends the ability of language. There is nothing that can be said to explain what is taking place within us other than, oh, wow! This life is full of beauty, no matter how many struggles we face, no matter how much suffering and imperfection there still exists in our world? None of that can quiet the symphony of beauty that surrounds us in every moment. But have you ever wondered why that is? Why is there beauty? Why do our hearts and minds overflow with emotion when we experience something full of beauty, followers of jesus believe this is because God is love and he is the definition of beauty, the most magnificent mountain top, the most unique creature in the oceans. The precious sound of a baby's giggle, The most delicious meal you've ever tasted is just a hint of the beauty of God. He is greater and more beautiful than anything this world has to offer. And he has created beauty in this world. To speak of his greatness and to simply be enjoyed. The writers of the bible tell us the heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship day after day, they continue to speak night after night. They make him known. The beauty in this world is pointing towards a God more beautiful than our minds can imagine even more. It's a sign of his love for us. Our God enjoys creating and he loves to give beautiful gifts to those he has created imagine a life without flowers or a blue bird song. He's a reminders of the love of the God who made us. He is the God of rhythm and dance, the God who inspired the Sistine chapel and carved the amazon river, he's the god of the smooth, creamy taste of peanut butter amen. And he has created beauty for us to connect with him because when our senses encounter beauty, our hearts are given the opportunity to enter into the beauty of God. This is what worship is worship is. When we respond to the beauty, the Grace, the love and wonder of God, and we must respond when we stand before the beauty and the magnificence of the God of this universe, we can't hold that inside because when we don't respond, then we don't fully embrace and accept the beauty we are experiencing the only half experience it. But when we truly take hold of the beauty and wonder that surrounds our God of love, there's something within us that eggs to cry out. Oh wow! And when we do, our hearts are full of the same beauty and love of God. This is what worship does for us. This is why followers of jesus gathered together to sing and to reflect to experience and respond to the beauty of God. Because when we do, our souls begin to glimpse the wonder of his beauty and goodness and it's more than we can ever comprehend. All that we can do is say, oh wow! Mhm.