A section of a Roald Dahl book with narration and conversation.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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I switched on the flashlight. Ah, brilliant beam of light Reached out ahead of me like a long white arm. That was better. Now, at any rate, I could see where I was going. The'keeper's would also see. But I didn't care about The'keeper's anymore. The Onley person I cared about was my father. I wanted him back. I kept the flashlight on and went deeper into the wood. Dad, I shouted. Dad, it's it's me. Are you there? I didn't know which direction I was going in. I just went on walking and calling out walking and calling. And each time I called, I would stop and listen. But no answer came. After a time, my voice began to go all trembly. I started to say silly things like, Oh, Dad, please tell me where you are. Please answer me, Please. Oh, please. And I knew that if I wasn't careful, the sheer hopelessness of all of it would get the better of me. And I would simply give up and lie down under the trees