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    Tomboy Voices

    The tomboy is a female character who engages in activities generally considered more masculine. The tomboy character’s age is usually younger, ranging from childhood to early adulthood, though there are older tomboys as well. Tomboy characters are usually more inclined to hang out with the boys, have a more competitive spirit, and enjoy chasing thrills. Tomboy characters typically have some feminine traits, though they are equally, if not more, interested in masculine activities and hold individualistic attitudes.

    The tomboy character can most often be seen playing sports, at skateparks, or otherwise hanging out with a predominantly male friend group. The tomboy character is often hesitant to engage in stereotypically feminine behaviour, preferring masculine, competitive behaviour; preferring difficult physical tasks to less desired feminine activities such as baking, shopping and gossipping. The tomboy character is often considered “one of the boys” in her friend group, keeping up with her male friends in group activities. The tomboy character is outgoing, confident, not shy to compete, and can take a joke; or make one, depending on her mood. Tomboy characters are self-reliant, having a high sense of individuality and a desire to take care of themselves.

    Tomboy characters may appear in many different settings, such as sports stories, patriotic stories and in stories about either embracing who one is, or learning to grow into a more feminine role. Tomboy characters are often competitive in physical competitions, especially in mixed sports; and partake in activities that are male dominated, such as gaming, outdoor adventure and work in STEM occupations. Sometimes, tomboy characters appear as action heroes, or war figures. Other times, they grow out of their tomboy phase when they become interested in love and traditionally feminine endeavours. Some others may embrace the tomboy identity for the entirety of their stories.

    The tomboy character can be seen most often in fictional movies or television for teenagers and young adults, as well as in video games and advertising. Tomboy characters may also appear in audiobooks. The genres tomboy characters are found in most often are in the realistic fiction, fantasy, sports, war and action genres. Some examples of tomboy characters are Misty, from the Pokémon animated series, and Edith, from the Despicable Me franchise. By observing the attitudes of tomboy characters and modelling a more assertive female voice, you can speak with the voice of a tomboy character!