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beauty is more than what we see. It's also what we feel and who we are. It's within every one of us and in those shared moments between us hello. Today we're going to demonstrate how to make spiffing Lee refreshing and take a table. Tasted crabs. Alcoholic ginger bell. Take a chilled bottle out of the refrigerator if you're lucky enough to a blood. Hey, you, over there. You look at me over here on the shelf. New Haagen Dazs school cream on a stick if your boiler breaks down, core British gas and we'll come out and sort it for you. But your boiler isn't the only thing that'll be fixed. The price is, too. They had been following the boys for a while. It's just so whispered. Fire worm, her tongue flickering menacingly. What do we do now? Then the power is shifting on this island. The masters will not be masters for much longer. They are trapped like lobsters in a part way, are not way can fly whenever we want. Next morning, the sun shone. The sea shone like white glass. The promenade glistened the curve of the bay. The Promenade Gardens, with their few wet roses. Well, the smile of November pal Italy *** Francis and his wheelchair went down in the lift, and we're deferentially bumped by the pages down the hotel steps. Everyone loves chocolate. Three million tonnes of it have consumed every year, half of it in Europe alone. But the success of chocolate has a dark side. While First World kids are enjoying, the sweet taste of reality is rather different for Africa's Children. According to a wide range of organisations, chocolate industry is accused of covering up the trafficking of Children on the use of child labour on the cocoa plantations. Mortal oaf is undeniably on. If you baked a cake and it turned out like the dark, spooky malt loaf sold in the supermarkets all over the country, you've probably seen it on try a different recipe. This, of course, would be an estate. Because it's supposed to look. The extraordinarily dense texture manages to be both sticky earned robbery