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    Presenter Voices

    The presenter is a character who speaks to an audience about a specific topic, usually in an educational setting. The presenter character seeks to inform the audience about his or her topic. The presenter character may be effective or ineffective depending on his or her style of presentation and knowledge of the topic.

    The presenter character often repeats the same presentation to multiple audiences, and hones his or her ability to clearly deliver the message in a way that is appropriate for the audience. The presenter character may be enthusiastic, serious, technical or simplistic. Presenter characters often have charisma, and can convince people to agree with their ideas, a tactic especially useful in a political or corporate setting. Presenter characters also speak with a likeable and trustworthy voice, winning over the attention of the audience.

    The presenter character can be seen in many forms. Presenter characters can be seen during presentations to an organisation or government through streamed events, at conferences such as TED Talks and TEDx talks, and in academic settings, ranging from a student presenting his or her project to a class, to a guest speaker coming in to talk about fire safety. By observing how presenter characters speak, and practising proper presentation techniques, you, too, can give world class presentations!