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in this edition of W for new Call the Fire Department because the City Council race is heating up. Plus cats, cats, cats help a kitty litter because Trudy B. Jones has the scoop and move over. Nerd Alert. Dr Cooker is back in the studio to show us how to deep fried cattle, plus Jaco part Weather. And now you're anchors for the fourth highest rated news program in West Side Town. Likes a Mylar and Charles Cheese in this edition of W for news, Death, Destruction and Pinker. Chip Pinker Chipping Kerchief Plus Dennis Sherman hits the studio, and Trudy Big Jones lays it on thick plus weather. Plus, watch out. There's a Falcon loose in the studio again. Plus, who's this guy? Plus doctor cookers in the house with a unique take on Hamas. And now you're anchors lice, a Mylar and Charles cheese