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this educational video has been designed to give you information on indications and how to perform plural, ultrasound or plural echo. The educational aims of this video are to teach you how to perform plural ultrasound and the indications for the procedure. Your dental microscope consists of the following main components. A various scope or objective lens, a microscope body with magnification changer, a binocular tube head and two eyepieces. The various scope or objective lens projects the image of the object into the microscope. Inside the microscope body, the magnification changer magnifies the image by a given factor. The binocular tube focuses the image information into the intermediate. In this scenario, you have just seen a patient in your clinic for the first time, and you suspect they may have pulmonary hypertension, or pH. The first step in making a diagnosis is to look at the heart and major blood vessels by performing an echocardiogram, which will immediately tell you the probability of your patient having pH. This is a common scenario encountered by cardiologists, so let's talk about what to do during the echocardiogram and how to interpret your findings