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a man's mutilated body found on the subway, his ***** and testicles cut off and they're still missing leads to the discovery of his McCobb secret life that points back to one of their own. An unforgettable Law and Order. S V. U. Tonight on NBC There's Madness in the air this month, with all new Ellen events every Thursday, it's Ellen's makeover and a new twist on dating when Ellen matches air lovable assistant with her excited viewers in the studio. I'm bringing Arang marriage back to daytime TV. New It's funny, it's Ellen. Spike is having a piece by she Spy Bond Marathon this Thanksgiving weekend. Me and James The Bond Marathon starting Thanksgiving Thursday on Spike, the First Network for Men, My Man's TV, Russell Crowe and Pink joined Dave tonight. She was born a street urchin, but she became the most powerful woman in early Christianity, a religious icon, a queen and a power to be reckoned with. Theodora Tonight on the History Channel in love with Angel Will he can be all yours. The first season of Angel is now available on DVD. Just renew Wednesday on the West Wing, a budget impasse in a lead to a government shutdown doesn't not Now it'll become a referendum on the Bartlet presidents. A powerful episode You don't want to miss the West Wing Wednesday at nine. Can a new flea and tick treatment make your cat sick here with the experts say tonight on KT l. A. News at 10.