Sandy’s voice is rich and pleasant with a versatility that lends itself easily to a variety of voice-over styles including soft sell, conversational, hard sell, business presentations, audio books and more If you need a voice for educational videos, a medical presentation or narration, Sandy is also adept at technical reads

Sandy is an experienced Voice Actor based in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Sandy has been the National voice for luxury bedmaker, Duxiana and Kelly Temporary Services. She’s worked as a Narrator alongside Oscar nominated actor, Sam Waterston, on the Documentary film, “Rain Falls From Earth” and also narrated the film “Heart of the Beholder”.

Sandy’s clients have included K-Mart, Domino’s Pizza, WW (Weight Watchers). She’s voiced promos for numerous TV stations, Cable and streaming services.

Publisher Glencoe/McGraw Hill chose Sandy as a primary voice for podcasting educational books on the web. She’s voiced Industrial Narration for AAA, Toyota, Cadillac and several Pharmaceutical companies.

She’s also helped Radio Stations with their imaging from the legendary KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA to Key 103, Austin, Tx and the BBC. Sandy is known for her distinctive ID’s, liners and promos for radio stations across the United States and Europe.

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