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Elderly man expressing his love to his long time partner.

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Senior (55+)


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There's something I need to tell you. Some words right from the heart. This doesn't always come easy and I'm not sure where to start. Sometimes a thank you is all it takes. Sometimes a hug. A smile, a firm handshake. But how do I show this amidst all the commotion? How can I acknowledge enough? Your endless devotion. Yet 1000 Thank you. Notes is never enough for doing what you do. A million flowers inadequate. How can I say? Thank you? Because when things bring worry, when things bring fear, I know where to turn. I know you're near. What happens when your care is constant, your life dedicated to mine. How can I say? A simple thank you when your love is all the time. So each morning, when you check on me, my eyes staring into yours every second our gazes held, my heart doesn't beat. It's sores.