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work. The average humpback whale rose to be around 50 to 60 ft long and can weigh up to 44 tons. Some can grow even larger. In fact, the biggest humpback ever found, measured a whopping 89 ft. Ancient quiet, magnificent Thea Appalachian mountains are something to behold. Thea Appalachians are as diverse is they are beautiful, but no section of this range is more celebrated than the Blue Ridge Mountains in the southern U. S. And the closing minutes of Super Bowl 47. The San Francisco 40 Niners made a furious run. They have been down 21 to 6 at halftime, But with two minutes remaining day Niners had the ball on the seven yard line, down by five with a chance to take the lead. That's when the Ravens defense kicked into high gear. Imagine a family is considering where to settle down. They look at different neighborhoods, even different states. But then they consider someplace else. What if they bought a home on Mars? Sounds crazy. It's the dream behind Space six, the company that is revolutionizing space travel. Yeah,