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    What Does a Business Man Sound Like?

    Do you need a brash, bold and bravado business man voice?

    The businessman is a driven professional in the industry and commerce sectors who usually owns shares or has a position of authority within an corporation. The businessman is focused, seeks new opportunities, usually is prudent in his stewardship of resources, works hard and has a logical, goal oriented mindset. The businessman usually seeks efficiency, wealth and influence, and is open to taking reasonable risks to reach these goals.

    The businessman has numerous tasks to perform, varying on the position held in the corporation he works for. The businessman may be at a meeting, in which he may pitch an idea or a product, or he could be considering a pitch that has been made. When pitching an idea or product, the businessman will be energetic, convincing, straightforward and try to sell the idea or product to the listeners present. When considering a deal, the businessman will think logically and be open to new ideas. He will ask questions about the idea or product and consider whether it is a reasonable investment.

    The businessman usually has to meet with employees, in which he will be assertive, promote efficiency, and fairly address the strengths and weaknesses of his team. The businessman may also need to make crucial decisions, keeping a level head while doing so, regardless of the potential costs in time or resources.

    Examples of the businessman can be a simple merchant, an entrepreneur, an executive officer in a corporation, a private investor or a stock trader. Some movies with businessmen in them are The Founder and Too Big to Fail. Examples of real people to watch interviews from include Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs and other businessmen who have done interviews, performed product announcements or given lectures that can be watched freely on YouTube.

    The businessman is a goal oriented, driven and efficient character. Whether it be handling sales for a business he owns part of, or creating his own company, the businessman works hard to create and benefit from his skills, ideas and economic opportunities they create. Voicing a businessman can be quite the opportunity, so learning how to speak with the confidence and energy of a businessman can help you claim your stake in the voice acting industry.

    A strong business man voice can bring a layer of confidence and swagger into whatever project you're producing. Whether you're looking to instill consumer confidence in an explainer video or an advertising campaign, or any other project in between, a business man voice needs to be convincing. Explore our massive selection of professional voice actors for your latest project.