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This video provides an introdution to Duet Enterprise. Duet Enterprise is a jointly developed, fully flexible framework from SAP and Microsoft that leverages SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Microsoft SharePoint solutions for customers and partners to easily and quickly compose solutions that consume and extend SAP in SharePoint and throughout Microsoft Office

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do you want to better enable your people? Do you have business users that need access to S a P only once in a while, our your business users happy with the tools they have. And are you getting the most out of your I T investment with S, A P and Microsoft? A recent study found that the primary challenge of E. R. P leaders is to expand the power and relevancy of AARP systems to casual users in the Enterprise. The findings show that the two most common ways to achieve the school is to surface AARP data and functionality in familiar user environments and to enable agile development and isolated layers to quickly address individual business needs. Do what? Enterprise For Microsoft SharePoint and S A P is a jointly developed, fully flexible framework. It leverages S A P. Net, Weaver, Gateway and Microsoft SharePoint Solutions so that customers and partners can easily and quickly compose solutions that extend S A P and SharePoint and throughout Microsoft office. Imagine doing your s a P reporting on approving work flows without ever leaving your Microsoft SharePoint site. Imagine that you can invite your team members to participate in the discussion and have s a p data necessary to make decisions easily accessible. Perform routine tasks like scheduling a customer visit or updating a serum contact in Microsoft Outlook. While these updates get recorded in S A P system access S A P reports right and SharePoint in Excel format Do an enterprise solution creates a unified view for teams of you that provides contextual on relevant business insight. It also enables your i T department to build a new type of solutions that melt s A p and non s a p business information activities and supports collaboration. Do what enterprise allows customers to enable S A P and SharePoint 2010 integrations faster and more economically through a framework which provides packaged interoperability, rapid development, an instant value with minimize disruption and training effort, building block tools and content enable not escape developers to quickly build business solutions out of the box capabilities and ready to use templates help deliver value right away. And of course, do what enterprise is built on court platforms so that you can leverage investments Already made A S, A P and Microsoft customers around the world have been harnessing the power of do it enterprise to drive their business. Do what enterprise helped a major pharmaceutical in Europe provide a seamless flow of information between H Q and its affiliates. Without manual intervention, business users simply access a SharePoint site to book in charge internal services. As a result of deploying do IT enterprise, the company has increased transparency by enabling documentation to be uploaded and stored in S A P directly from SharePoint during the booking process. Elsewhere, a Swedish technology engineering group is using do it enterprise to speed the approval process within their financial supply chain. With doing enterprise, the company was able to change the approval process from using multiple screens to just one line in the SharePoint site and cut time of invoice approvals in half where in house development capabilities are limited, partners have been instrumental and empowering customers with tailored business solutions. Close relationship with S A P and Partners is expected to result in a large number of solutions being available for customers out of the box for easy deployment. A wide variety of solutions in different functional spaces like HR, CRM and procurement are already available in rapidly growing do it enterprises optimized to help people I t and businesses grow Do it. Enterprise can help you truly realise the maximum benefit or your investment in S A P and Microsoft SharePoint enable your business to thrive within enabled talented workforce that works together collaboratively armed with the tactical and strategic business insight to help drive your business.