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    Executive Voices

    The executive is a high level manager who works in a corporate setting. The executive is professional, organised and efficient. The executive is responsible for managing a team, and has to be both sociable and prudent. The executive often reports to others, and receives reports from employees he or she manages. The executive is a strong communicator, and is capable of processing new information. The executive is also flexible and keeps a level head, even when expectations are not met, or a new challenge arises.

    The role an executive may hold differs on sector, company structure and position. A chief executive officer manages all other executives under him or her, and has a general position of authority over the entire organisation. The head of a certain department, such as finance, sales or public relations, manages everyone who works in his or her department, but also reports to the chief executive officer. Most executives also report to company boards and investors, including the chief executive officer. In these settings, executives are polite, informed, present information to other participants in meetings, and add constructive feedback when it would benefit the company to do so. When talking to lower level employees, executives may be encouraging, strengthening the motivation of employees, or be more blunt and corrective when the employees are not performing their jobs or hitting targets. Executives may also need to deliver bad news in a tactful manner, such as announcing that goals have not been met to investors, or issuing layoff notices. Having a professional attitude can make or break how well an executive character is perceived.

    Executives can be seen in many movies that concern finance, and can be seen in documentaries in stories about the history of, or growth of, corporations. Executives can also be seen in shows such as Shark Tank, or Dragon’s Den, where company creators pitch ideas to investors, and important decisions have to be made quickly on numbers and the quality of the pitch. Speaking calmly, clearly and professionally will be sure to land you an executive job on Voices.