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100 Days Without You sample book read. Calm. Sincere. Conversational.

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Audition for 100 Days without You audiobook. I added background music for effect.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Day one. I never thought this day would come. I know you're speaking, but all I hear is static. I decipher a few words. We can still be friends, It's not you and my world has stopped spinning forever. You say sorry and tell me that you will never forget me, that the relationship was great while it lasted. But suddenly I'm replaying all the valentine's days and anniversaries and all the stuffed animals. You want me at carnivals and all the times you told me you would never meet any other girl like me. All. I'm thinking now is do you feel nothing for me anymore? When you look at me, am I just another girl to you Now you don't love me anymore? It's been five years. Why did you stop loving me now? Why couldn't you have left me before I fell in love with you? Suddenly I have become the person I promised myself I would never be?