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One night Millie came up with a cunning plan. She chuckled to herself with glee as she conjured up the scam. I will put pillows under my blanket so that it looks like me and I can play in secret. It shall be. She waited for molly max and mary to fall asleep and then arranged the pillows as planned without a peep. She sneaked out of the bedroom and tiptoed right past Mummy and then she felt rumble deep in her tummy. Mia was a little deer always at mummy's side, except when my mum went searching for a brand new place to hide. One day when mom went searching, Mia felt a little bored so she decided it was time to go and explore. She left the safety of her hide and went to look around. She tiptoed very carefully upon the grassy ground, she sniffed the meadow flowers. Their sense was fresh and new, then settled on a patch of grass, wondering what to do when a hawk appeared to cheer him up now little bird, give it one more, try prove them wrong. I am sure you can fly. The littlest wondered if the hawk was right and he flapped his wings with all his might. Suddenly he started to fly and began to soar across the sky. Just when it all seemed fine the hawk decided it was time to dine up from its branch. It leaped with a squeal ready to make the littlest its meal