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Why Voices is the World’s Source for Cartoon Voice Actors

Experienced voices

Our voice actors have completed over 4,500 cartoon projects for some of the world’s best shows and companies.

Value-added services

Quality recordings from voice actors with great experience and several also offering audio editing skills.

Diverse voice actors

Our voice actors speak over 100 languages, accents and dialects, ensuring you will find the voice you need.

Cartoon Project Voice Over Requirements

Skilled voice actors

It’s important to have a versatile voice actor who can execute your vision by switching up styles and characters.

Minimal revisions

Constant revisions are costly. A professional voice actor can ensure fewer re-reads, keeping your budget on track.

Diverse voices

From an astronaut living in Austin, Texas, to a zoo keeper from Zimbabwe, you need a voice that fits the character.


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Voices in Action

At Voices, the number of project types that we can help you complete are nearly endless.
Our cartoon clients rely on us for all their voice over requirements.

How Voices works

Learn how Voices makes finding professional voice actors faster and easier than anyone else.

Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a proven, safe and sound way to pay

Whether you are an independent agency or operate as part of a larger corporation, keeping your funds secure is of utmost importance. Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a proven, safe and sound way to pay for the talent you hire and ensure your transactions are secure.

Our voting feature enables teams of all sizes to work together

When you have multiple stakeholders, from clients in other countries, to your Art Director down the hall, Voices makes it easy to take everyone’s opinion into consideration. Our voting feature enables teams of all sizes to work together, even when you’re apart.

Top Vocal Qualities for Cartoon Voice Over

Here are the top 5 vocal qualities (known as ‘styles’) that radio clients source from Voices in order to achieve a quality read, no matter the topic.

Voices Cartoon Client Case Studies

At Voices, the number of project types that we can help you complete are nearly endless.
Our cartoon clients rely on us for all their voice over requirements.

Ingrid Design

InGrid Design’s Quick Project

InGrid Design works with many clients. Not only did they need a large talent pool of voice actors, they also needed a more efficient way to hire and work with them. When they had a project that required an adult and child voice over, they came to Voices for lightning-fast turnaround on their project.

2 voice actors
24 hours to deliver files
Little Sheeps Image

Mayadem’s Teaching Project

Mayadem needed engaging voices that could teach children about shapes, animals and colors, all while expanding their vocabulary. Plus, they needed voice actors from all over the world to dub their games into different languages in order to reach an international audience.

12 children’s games
16 characters
9 voice actors

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you want your cartoon to gain fans and last for decades, start by creating believable characters who adapt to the world around them, and who resonate with your audience. Some of the most successful and longest-running cartoons change with the times. The characters age and grow in the same ways their audience does, and they have the right voice aligned with the right characters. Learn more about creating a long-lasting cartoon with impactful cartoon voice over.
Find the right cartoon voice for the job by gathering many voice over auditions, so you can hear a variety of interpretations. As a general rule, you’ll get the best quality auditions back if you can describe how the character looks, as well as key points like a storyline, or storyboard of the character’s motivations. These details help your voice actor to bring the character to life through their voice acting. Once you hear the voice that matches your vision, you can feel confident you found the right cartoon voice.
The cost to produce a cartoon can vary from $1000 to a $100,000 and up. However you can set yourself up for success and meeting your target budget by planning early. This includes brainstorming your storyboard and concept as well as creating your budget. You can use this animation budget template to help you get started.
Animated cartoons come in many different types including, but not limited to:
  1. Old/Classic (e.g. Mickey Mouse)
  2. Modern (e.g. Care Bears)
  3. Realistic (e.g. Toy Story 4)
  4. Japanese/Anime (e.g. Power Puff Girls Z)
  5. Minimalist (e.g. Charlie Brown)
Cost can range from $100 to several thousand dollars. The end cost depends on how many words are in your script, how many finished minutes you need to produce, whether the voice actor is famous, and where the cartoon will be shown. Plus, different voice over rates apply for broadcast versus non-broadcast uses too.