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Podcasts are becoming an increasingly more popular form of on-demand entertainment that is available on-the-go, wherever listeners may be. Selecting the right voice over is crucial to creating an engaging listening experience throughout the show, from the intro to your podcast, and the podcast host, to podcast advertisements. When you’re looking to find the perfect voice actor for your podcast, you need a knowledgeable voice actor who can turnaround projects quickly.

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Podcast Project Voice Over Requirements

  • Content produced in real time: A professional voice over artist who has their own studio and can be regularly available to produce content on a long-term ongoing basis.
  • Stay on budget by reducing revisions to audio: Unexpected and time-consuming revisions can quickly eat away at your bottom line. Hiring a professional voice actor can ensure a smoother experience with fewer re-reads required, and keeping your budget on track.
  • A subject matter expert: Since your podcast is most likely following a particular theme or subject, a voice actor who has knowledge in your particular field would be helpful to the success of the show or advertisement.
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Why Voices.com Is The World’s Source For Audio Ad Voice Actors

  • Experienced and diverse professionals: Our voice actors have completed over 5,000 podcasting projects for some of the world’s most respected shows and well-known companies. Our voice actors have their own professional studios and are experts on a wide range of subject matter. Whether you need a naturally engaging host, or a snappy advertising read.
  • Competitive rates on ongoing projects: Get top-quality recordings from professional voice actors who have the training and and consistency to commit to long-term projects - plus, many are experienced audio editors, meaning you get the best value, all for a competitive rate.
  • Global voice actors, authentic native speakers: Voices.com voice actors live in over 160 countries, and speak over 100 languages, accents and dialects, ensuring you can achieve the authentic read you need from real native speakers.

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Top Vocal Qualities for Podcast Voice Overs

Here are the top 5 vocal qualities (known as ‘styles’) that podcasting clients
source from Voices.com in order to achieve a captivating and engaging listening experience

One Source for Global Voices

As podcasts grow in popularity, so too does the global distribution. If you have a podcast that you want produced in Icelandic, Spanish, Thai, Urdu or any language in between, you can find an authentic native speaker for your podcasting needs at Voices.com.

Quick Tips For Hiring Voice Over For Your Podcast

What To Look For When Selecting Your Voice Over Actor

You find the read engaging the whole way through
This may seem obvious, but if you’re losing interest after hearing an audition, then chances are, you won’t be able to hold your attention for the duration of an entire podcast.

They have experience in podcasting
Being the voice of a podcast requires the voice actor being able to talk casually about various subject matters. Hiring a voice actor who has experience in this area, means they will be able to captivate your audience for the entirety of the show.

Know your audience:
Your listening audience may enjoy a certain style of voicing or expects words to be pronounced in a particular way or is accustomed to hearing a specific voice type. Knowing this about your audience will help you to decide who should be the voice of your podcast or podcast ads.

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4 Benefits of Podcasting for Brands

1. Connects With Your Audience
Podcasts associated to your brand may not be reaching a mass audience, however, they are reaching the exact audience who is interested in the topics you are discussing. Unlike a radio medium that tends to span across an assortment of topics throughout the show, podcasts are pointedly themed to correspond with an overarching subject matter. Which means you can talk about what you want, when you want.

2. Supplements Your Other Strategies
It’s important to think of podcasts as supplementary material to your other content. Chances are, you have a blog and video strategy for your brand, and podcasting could be the next natural step. Tapping into an audience that already believes in your message is a smart way to build listenership for you podcast. You can create complementary content around the same subject matter you will be discussing on your podcast and then release them all at the same time.

3. Podcasts Are On-Demand
In a world where society is used to on-demand content, the days of having only a small window to view or listen to content (when it’s live) are long behind us. Because of this, podcasts are flourishing. They’re available in the exact moments when listeners want to tune in and your content will be forever available for all to access.

4. Podcasts Make a Play for Audio Attention
The majority of your audience is preoccupied with screen time throughout most of their day. By providing your audience with audio content, rather than visual content, you are allowing your listeners to take a break and absorb content in a new way. Think of all the times throughout the day that people may be unable to watch to read content (eg. when driving, in the shower etc). This is not the case for audio content, which can be consumed wherever your listeners want.

What You Need to Know About Advertising in Podcasts

Choosing the Right Demographic

Investing in brand placement with the right demographic is key. You want to make sure that every dollar you invest into podcast advertising goes a long way.The way to do this is to do your research, and ensure that your ads are strategically placed in a podcast that fits within the demographics of your brand in order to have the most impact and interest.

Here are a few key stats about podcast fans that might help you better target your podcast advertisements:

  • 26% of Americans tune into podcasts monthly, 17% listen weekly
  • Weekly listeners tune in for over 6 hours each week, on average
  • 51% of listeners earn a salary between $75K and $150K
  • 18% of Americans have a Google Home or Alexa, among podcast fans that statistic rises to 30%

Choosing the Right Podcast Ad Format

There are two different podcast formats to pick from, each with their own benefits, depending on the nature of your advertisement and the message you are trying to get out:

  • Host voiced podcast ads: these are the ads that are read out by your podcast host.
  • Fully produced ads: These can be ads read by your podcast host or another voice actor that also include music and other sound effects and audio cues.

Creative Brief

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