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Smart Home devices are one of the fastest adopted technologies in history. Smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, vehicles, and every other personal item you can imagine, are being equipped with voice-enabled technology. There are numerous ways for your company to get involved in this voice-first conversation with your audience. Voices.com is your definitive guide to help you find your company’s voice in this new era.

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Voice Applications Project Voice Over Requirements

  • Working with voice application experts: In this fledgling industry of voice apps on Google Home, Alexa and others, you want to ensure you’re partnering with a company that’s a leader in the space. You can’t afford to waste your company’s time and effort experimenting.
  • Signature voices offer instant brand recognition: Having a signature voice can help to ingrain brand recognition - even before mention of your company name or product in your app.
  • Human voice over or AI voices offer versatility and choice: Both human and AI voices offer pros and cons when it comes to voices for apps.
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Why Voices.com Is The World’s Source For Voice Application Voice Actors

  • A leader in voice applications: We’re leading the way with ground-breaking partnerships to help you build the best possible voice apps. Voices.com came together with Jargon, from the Alexa Accelerator program, to enable voice applications to structure, manage and optimize their content for a global audience.
  • Signature voices, on demand: With over 200,000 voice actors in over 160 countries, speaking over 100 languages, dialects and languages, you can find your signature voice at Voices.com. When you need a unique voice and/or need it exclusively, Voices.com is your destination.
  • Versatile human, synthetic and AI voices: Along with the world’s largest selection of human voices. We’ve partnered VocaliD, a voice AI company that uses state-of-the-art machine learning and speech blending algorithms to help you create a personalized synthetic voice.

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Top Vocal Qualities for Voice Application Voice Over

Here are the top 5 vocal qualities (known as ‘styles’) that digital clients source
from Voices.com in order to achieve a unique conversation, no matter the application you’ve created.

Translation and Localization Services

Need someone to translate and record your ad script in Spanish, French or German? No problem. Thai or Urdu? Yes, we can do that too.

Whether you’re looking to translate your script into another language or localize your copy with a dialect or regional nuance, we can take care of everything.

Voices.com Voice Applications Client Case Studies

What They Needed

Storyflow is a platform that allows creatives and content owners to create, distribute and monetize interactive voice entertainment on smart speakers without having to write code or hire a team of engineers.

They needed the right voice for their video to showcase their product.

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What We Delivered & The Results

  • 1 voice talent
  • 5 hour turnaround time
  • 1000 families reached on a weekly basis
  • Job posting created on the same day the script was finalized
  • 10 hours for the entire project to be done

Quick Tips For Hiring Voice Over When Creating A Voice Application

What To Look For When Selecting Your Voice Over Actor

They have experience being the voice of other applications
You’ll want to keep a keen eye out for voice actors who have done this before. Professional talent who have previously undertaken these projects have proven they know what they’re doing.

The voice matches your brand sound:
The voice needs to encapsulate your brand’s sound. Voice applications will be the future of how consumers interact with your company’s offerings.

Listen for added dimension that enhances your message
Your voice actor needs to have the ability to add character and personality in a way that will give your app an extra dimension. They will have your users hanging on to every word, create excellent brand awareness and have people wanting to interact with your app, time after time.

Good reviews from other clients
Take a good look at the voice actor’s Voices.com profile page. Have they received good reviews or ratings? Were they able to turn the job around fast? This will ensure you’re getting a talent who can execute the assignment in the timeframe you need.

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Tips To Consider When Making An Alexa Flash Briefing

As the popularity of smart speakers and home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Echo grows, so do their uses and capabilities. One such ability that has seen significant adoption by users are Alexa Skills, and more namely, Flash Briefings.

A Flash Briefing is a news update that’s served through Amazon’s smart home device. Alexa is able to fetch updates – Flash Briefings – from any publication or company who has created an Alexa Flash Briefing Skill and published it in the Alexa Skills Store.

Here are five considerations when making a flash briefing a part of your band’s audio content strategy:

1. Create a solid action plan. Ask yourself the following four questions to ensure you’ll get the most out of it:

  1. Do we have the development resources or budget to hire development resources?
  2. Do we want to have the briefing read in Alexa’s voice, or have a custom recording of the content available for Alexa to serve to the user instead?
  3. How will we promote our new Skill to ensure our audience knows about it?
  4. How will we measure its success?

2. Look into what kind of Skill you want to make. Here’s a step-by-step guide as to what’s required in the development of your Flash Briefing, check out Amazon’s Guide to Understanding the Flash Briefings API.

3. Think about who’s going to voice your content. In order for your content to be pushed through a user’s smart speaker, it must be available in an audio format. You have two options here:

  1. Publish the content with coding that allows Alexa to read the content aloud.
  2. Provide an audio recording of the content. You can have the author provide the voice over, or hire a voice actor (or two) to provide the voice over for all recordings to:

    a. Have your content heard in a human voice with the ability to convey the intended emotion and story.

    b. Begin developing a recurring voice for your brand that will contribute to the familiarity and continuity of your brand in the ears of your listeners.

4. Promoting your Alexa Flash Briefing Skill. As your newly developed Skill becomes another extension of your brand, it should be woven into the marketing plan like any other channel. Consider promoting it through your social channels, email newsletter, webinars, podcasts, videos, landing pages, blog posts, and other available marketing initiatives.

5. Measure the usage and performance of the Flash Briefing. Amazon now provides a metrics dashboard for you to access and report on the usage of your Skill. They’re able to provide you with all the key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ll need to prove the usefulness of the Skill, and ultimately the return on investment (ROI) that comes with increasing how often your Skill is used, and how much of your content is consumed.

Creative Brief

A good creative brief saves time, money and frustration. Use this professional grade free creative brief template for your next project! Download your own creative brief template and get started.

Creative Brief Template