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Where To Find Voice Actors Online

Searching for voice talent online? Want some help? Get started by signing up for an account free at to begin your search for talent. Whether you are posting a job to obtain responses or using the search engine, these tips will provide you with insight on how to look for voice talent who meet your needs.

How To Search For Voice Actors

Looking for a British voice over talent? How about someone who can speak Spanish or French? Watch this video to see how you can connect with thousands of professionals at who speak over 100 languages. Learn how to search by language, accent, location, age range, gender or descriptive keyword.

How To Post A Voice-Over Job

Need to find a voice talent to record for your project? This video teaches you how to post a job at the award-winning Follow along with Stephanie Ciccarelli, co-founder of, as she gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to post a job to receive the best possible responses from voice actors.

How To Be a Casting Director

Need a hand narrowing down talent responses to your voice over job? In this video, you'll learn how to listen with a casting director's ear and also how to discern which voice and interpretation is the best fit for your brand and its intended audience. Discover a number of relevant tips to those who are in a position to cast or pick the voice for their project.

How To Pay a Voice Talent

How can you hire a voice talent hassle-free? When you post your job and award it to a talent, you don't pay until you are happy with the final product. Learn about the features and benefits of SurePay,'s escrow service that keeps your money safe when ordering and purchasing voice overs online.

How To Think Like a Talent Agent

Wish you were booking more of your auditions? When auditioning on your own, it's important to think like an agent. During this video, you'll learn how to get yourself in the mindset of an agent to better determine which auditions are most suited to you and your voice. An artist sees things subjectively whereas an agent sees things objectively with the goal of making money… to maximize your opportunities for getting the gig, you need to think like an agent.

How To Market Your Voice Demo

Want to attract prospective customers to listen to your voice over demos? Learn how to upload, name, classify and describe your demo so that people can find it online. Audio can't technically be previewed before listening so be sure to include enough text that describes your audio so that it can be found and encourage listens.

How To Do a Voice-Over Audition

Wonder if you're receiving all of the auditions you feel you should be getting at This video teaches you ways that you can ensure you are notified of all opportunities that match your artistic abilities and skills. By completing your profile, you'll show people what you can do, be found in more searches and also gain more opportunities for work.

How To Connect on Facebook

Are you a fan of on Facebook? Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Ciccarelli shows you how to become part of's community on Facebook and shares information on how you can get involved and take advantage of a relationship with on this exciting social media platform.