Two women looking at datasets on a laptop, one sitting and one standing.

Voice Acting, Voice Tech and Datasets: A Q&A with...

Learn about datasets, voice technology and how it impacts voice acting from Dheeraj Jalali, the Chief Technology Officer at Voices.

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A representation of vocal fry with a woman wearing a black hat and speaking into a cellphone.
Voice Acting
What Is Vocal Fry and What Does It Sound Like?

The vocal fry phenomenon has taken over in recent years. We asked the voice over community for their thoughts on vocal fry and when to use it.

Laptop computer displaying logo of Microsoft PowerPoint for a guide on how to do a voice over on PowerPoint.
How To Do a Voice Over on PowerPoint

If you want to learn how to add a voice over to your next PowerPoint presentation, we’re here to help. Follow this blog's seven easy steps.

The topic of voice actor salary in the USA represented by a blonde woman standing against a pillar and checking her laptop.
Voice Acting
What is the Annual Voice Actor Salary in the USA?

Beginners and veterans alike may be curious about the annual voice actor salary in the USA. Here are some answers to your questions.

A woman wears headphones and speaks into a microphone.
Voice Over Gold: Capturing Sound Bites That Sell

In this blog post, we'll delve into the secrets of creating interview gold, uncovering the strategies and techniques to help you shine on Voices.

The Geico Gecko along with the word Geico on a smartphone screen.
Voice Acting
Who is the Voice of the Geico Gecko?

For more than 20 years, the Geico Gecko has been the spokes-gecko for the insurance company. So, who voices this iconic character?

A realtor giving a home tour to a couple.
Real Estate Sample Scripts

Take a tour through these real estate sample scripts that will inspire you to create a real estate ad of your own.

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A lawyer writing in a notebook in his office, representing the legal and ethical implications of AI voices.
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Are AI Voices...

What are the legal and ethical implications of AI-generated voices? This guide will help you navigate the rapidly expanding world of AI voices.

A smartphone with the word podcast and a microphone icon in purple on the screen, representing a podcast trailer playing on a smart device.
The Power of the Podcast Trailer: 10 Unbeatable...

Let's discover what goes into creating a great podcast trailer so that your show doesn't get lost in the vast world of podcasts.

Mike Wazowski, the green, one-eyed monster from the Pixar film Monsters, Inc.
Voice Acting
Who is the Voice of Mike Wazowski (Monsters, Inc.)?

He may have a common name, but there’s nothing common about this one-eyed monster from Pixar. But who is the voice of Mike Wazowski?

Animation of man and robot looking at each other with a voice icon in between them
When to Use Synthetic Voices: An AI Voice Guide for...

Our Synthetic Voice Matrix tells you when an AI voice is suitable to use for your project and uncovers the pros and cons of synthetic voices.

A man holds a coffee while looking at an online travel company's website on his laptop.
Voice Acting
Online Vacation Booking Television Ad Sample Script

Are you looking to create an online vacation booking TV Ad? These sample scripts can help guide you and inspire you to create a compelling commercial.

A latino man wearing a blue shirt and headphones smiles in front of flags from countries around the world.
How AI is Impacting Translation for Voice Over

We caught up with Richard Carroll to understand how AI is impacting translation services and were the world of translation is headed.