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A man with grey hair and a black t-shirt smiles as he speaks into a microphone in a studio.
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Popular Male Voice Actors

Male voice actors have a variety of ranges, abilities, and styles. Let's examine the vocal range, roles, and some famous male voice actors.

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A man with black hair smiles and holds his headphones while looking into a microphone.
Voice Over
Typical Roles for Male Voice Actors

In this article, we explore the qualities that make the male voice distinctive and showcase some of the most popular male voices in history.

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How Tos
What Are the Most Common Abbreviations?

Mrs., Dr., Ft. and St. In this post, we'll look at what abbreviations are, how they're used, and some common examples. 

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Tools and Resources
The Female Voice: From Girl to Woman 

Choosing the right voice for a project is crucial. Let’s look at how the female voice changes and how a girl’s voice becomes a woman’s voice.

An animated image that says 'The Best Video Games of the '2010s'
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The Best Video Games of 2010s

Some of the best video game voice overs came from the 2010s. Here are the video games from the 2010s that can’t be beaten.

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Making it Easier for Clients to Find You, Talk to You,...

We’ve just released some key improvements to the way your projects and profiles are displayed, which will make it easier for clients to find you, get in...

A man with black hair smiles towards a microphone as he puts on headphones.
Voice Over
Stages of Development of the Male Voice

What exactly makes the male voice so distinctive? We will answer this question, as we explore the stages of the male voice in this article.

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So, who is the voice of Ultron? Who portrayed the cold-heartedness of Ultron? Who showcases the god-complex of Ultron?

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Voice Over Sample Scripts for Clients and Voice Talent

Use these free voice over sample scripts to help write your next voice over script or use them to practice your voice over skills.