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Courtney Chen

Manhattan Beach, California

2022 Videogame Reel

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Jennifer Wydra

Los Angeles, California

Dialects/Characters from History Channel's \"The Color of War: Homefront\"

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Kyra Cornett

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Body Shop Self Love

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Dacey Else

Spokane, Washington

Young Adult Female - Romance Audiobook, Gritty, Real, Believable

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Stacey Patrone

Orlando, Florida

Stacey Patrone - Web Commercial Sample

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Kim Somers

Ottawa, Ontario


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Damsel In Distress Voices

The damsel in distress is a female character who is in a dangerous situation, and requires aid to safely escape or be rescued. The damsel in distress is generally weaker than most enemies, as well as being passive, confused, isolated, injured or otherwise requiring aid. While not all damsels may be helpless, many characters in this category are, at least in their immediate situations in which they are classified as damsels in distress.

The damsel in distress will often cry, shout or scream to attract attention from nearby neutral or friendly characters. Damsels in distress are often polite, potentially even to their captors. Some damsels may be hostile to their captors and play a greater role in their escapes, communicating with, and working with, their rescuers. Damsels in distress may fall in love with their rescuers, a common scenario in fairy tales. Rarely, they may fall in love with their captors. Damsels in distress may have more to their characters outside of the circumstances by which they were imperilled, and can hold traits associated with other roles such as occupational traits, personal values and beliefs, as well as different skills.

Examples of damsels in distress are seen in many of the fairy tale princesses adapted by Disney, such as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and Snow White in the movie bearing the same name, who were put to sleep through magic by enemies, and Rapunzel, a princess trapped in a tower until she is rescued. An example of a damsel in distress who fights back is Princess Leia from Star Wars, who is captured numerous times and fights against her captors when rescued. Different damsels may react differently to distressing situations, so it is best to compare how the character you are voicing is written to performances of other characters who face similar issues. Observing how these women in dangerous circumstances behave can help you voice a damsel in distress.