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    Hipster Voices

    Are you needing a voice that stands apart? A voice so niche that people just don't understand how talented it truly is?

    The hipster is a young, affluent city dweller who tries to look authentic and unique, without considering their interests. The hipster is consumerist and somewhat vain. The hipster is also somewhat critical and snarky. The hipster may be considered annoying sounding and entitled. The hipster may come off as disingenuous or insincere as the role the hipster tries to play is something they are not without modifying their expressions to fill said role. The hipster also speaks ironically, or sarcastically, much of the time.

    Most hipsters are very much alike despite the claims of uniqueness, so the hipster character can borrow from other examples of the hipster voice or appear similar to each other if there are multiple hipsters in the work being created. Voicing the hipster should be done in a way that mirrors the stereotypical hipster, as the hipster is a very generic character, who in an attempt to look different from the mainstream culture, adopts all the interests in fashion and media that other hipsters choose, thus making them more a mirror of a category rather than a unique character in each portrayal.

    The hipster can especially be seen in the technological sectors, such as internet startups, web developers, social media influencers, independent journalism and other urban professions that attract younger people looking for wealth and fame.

    Similar to the hipster is the yuppie. The yuppie, or young urban professional, is a young person who is business driven and lives in an urban setting. The yuppie has a professional, perhaps even arrogant at times, voice. The yuppie is also wealthy and cosmopolitan. When the term “yuppie” was created in the 1980s, it had a negative connotation to it, with the yuppie being seen as arrogant, obnoxious and materialistic. The negative connotations have since faded, leaving behind the image of a successful, educated and wealthy young urban professional.

    Voicing the yuppie can be done relatively easily, as all it takes is an understanding of how people in urban areas, and professionals, speak. Once those two traits are combined, the “yuppie” is completed. For the more stereotypical yuppie, adding a selfish, greedy attitude to the mix can sell the character of the yuppie being played.

    A hipster voice can be pompous, urban and entitled. Perhaps you need a heavily bearded, tattoo laden hipster voice to hammer home a stereotype, or you could want a soft spoken, folk loving hipster instead. You name the hipster voice, and we have it here!