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    Jerk Voices

    The jerk is a mean character who acts in a self centred and arrogant manner. The jerk character only thinks of himself or herself when making decisions, and has little regard for the consequences of his or her actions. When confronted, the jerk character often deflects or minimises criticism, and reassures people that he or she has done nothing wrong.

    Jerk characters can be seen in all sorts of settings, and display differing levels of self absorption and recklessness. Jerk characters can often be seen criticising others in work and school environments, or in other public settings. Jerk characters may quickly brush off others who wish to help them, insisting that they know best. A jerk character can also be seen in the bully/bullied relationship, often attacking what he or she sees as weakness for his or her own pleasure. A jerk character also often mistreats his or her family, partner and friends. Jerk characters hold double standards and act in a mean-spirited manner. Voicing aggression, hostility, passive aggressiveness, arrogance, self righteousness and contempt can convey the general attitude of a jerk character.

    The jerk character’s core motivation is to always appear right and have things his or her way. Jerks can be seen in many forms of media, ranging from a character with simple but repeated insults or conceited tendencies, to a villain comfortable with lying and hurting others. Jerks can be seen as antagonists or side characters in many forms of media, especially in the drama and crime genres. Observing people, real and fictional, who display traits of jerks can help you model the voice of one. Prove to the world you have the best jerk character voice and they can’t tell you otherwise by voicing a jerk character today!.