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    Judge Voices

    The judge is a character who works in courts of law to determine the outcome of cases and maintain order. The judge character is a detail oriented character, and works to ensure justice is done in a fair, orderly and proper manner. The judge character is usually unbiased, displaying a temperate character. Judge characters are also critical thinkers, assessing situations and applying common sense and other deciding factors to various legal procedures, be it in evidence admission, deciding on objections, delivering a verdict, and sentencing.

    The judge character is well educated, and has had previous experience as a lawyer before being appointed as a judge. The judge character is very booksavvy, having a knowledge of the law and wisdom in properly applying it. The judge character is methodical as well, and patient with the monotony of following a procedure without giving in to boredom. The judge character listens well, and analyses all he or she hears from all speakers in a courtroom, intervening when it is required, as well being the announcer of the schedule; and changes to it. Judge characters can be quite strict and get upset on occasion, when there is a disruption or miscarriage of justice in a court case, and may express more of this attitude depending on genre.

    The judge character aims to be fair in his or her conduct. The judge character factors in laws, previous decisions, aggravating or mitigating factors, and other concerns into his or her judgements. When sentencing a criminal, determining if wrongdoing was done, and determining applicable damages to be awarded, the judge character takes an objective look at all the information available and determines the prudent course of action that both remedies the dispute or criminal case, and isn’t excessively harsh or unlawful. In the case of judges appointed to higher institutions like the supreme court of a given country, there may be political allegiances that harm the impartiality of judges, and a similar bias could be seen in “corrupt judge” characters, for political or other purposes.

    The judge character can be seen in many forms of media, both fictional and non-fictional, in recreations of cases and in real hearings. The most common genres for a judge character to appear in are the crime and mystery genres. Many channels, both on television and YouTube, have video coverage of both select high profile or landmark cases, and general audio recordings, such as those of the American Supreme Court recordings. If you are voicing a judge in a low level court, it may also be helpful to check your regional courthouse for recordings of previous cases, or even drop in to listen for a day if possible. Being prudent, remaining calm and paying meticulous attention to detail can ensure you can do the judge character’s voice justice in your own work!