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    Samurai Voices

    The samurai is a male character, a warrior of noble descent from Japan. The samurai character is highly disciplined, and has a high sense of duty and honour. Samurai are defenders of feudal lords, and hold a higher rank than most ordinary soldiers. Samurai characters are highly trained, loyal even in the face of pain and death. Samurai characters usually speak Japanese, or at least with a Japanese accent.

    The samurai character is most often present in the setting of feudal Japan, serving nobles and engaging in warfare between the 600s and the 1800s. Samurai characters come from military families, and were raised to follow the code of the warrior, known as the bushido code. As a result of their training, samurai characters have an indifference to pain cultivated through discipline, a sense of honour and loyalty and a mindfulness of the present moment. The samurai character would have a sense of honour, nobility, respect and power to his voice. The samurai character rarely shows fear, but rather confidence, no matter the risk to himself or his fellow samurai. Once samurai families left feudal combat roles, they moved to new roles and focused on management and governance, causing remnants of the bushido code and its adherents to be found in the bureaucratic and corporate sections of modern Japan.

    The samurai character can be seen most often in historical Japanese fiction, which is known as jidaigeki, which often involves samurai, as well as in historical documentaries which focus on that time period. Samurai may also be seen in anime and in western entertainment mediums, ranging from cartoons to video games. Practising your Japanese accent, integrating the bushido code into your persona and entering the mindset of a warrior will ensure you bring honour to the memory of the samurai in your voicing of a samurai character!