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    Tourist Voices

    The tourist is a character who has travelled to a new location. The tourist character often travels for leisure, though the tourist may have other reasons to be in a new location. The tourist character enjoys experiencing new activities and cultures, and may be outgoing enough to approach the locals in an attempt to make friends. The tourist character may also be unfamiliar with the language, customs and other foreign elements of the location he or she is visiting. Tourist characters often have their own cultural practices and attitudes in mind, and have accents, dialects and languages that correlate to where the character lives.

    The tourist character usually travels to a far, unfamiliar area. The tourist is an outgoing character, seeking new and exciting experiences, and the tourist enjoys exploring the regional culture of the location he or she is visiting. The tourist character may travel alone, or with other members in a group. The tourist character may be motivated to explore a certain region, domestic or international, for a variety of reasons; such as shopping, sightseeing, learning about the culture and history of a country or city, or simply relaxing to break up the monotony of his or her life. Tourist characters often have some form of plan, and experiences they wish to have; though some tourists are more spontaneous and go on a trip without a set plan.

    Tourist characters may be seen in many situations, with a variety of emotions felt. Tourist characters may be excited as they wait at the entrance of a museum or other regional attraction they have been anticipating going to. Tourist characters may be calm and content on a beach in a tropical region, relaxing and talking to friends. On other occasions, tourist characters may express boredom at times, especially if there is a long period of travel involved; or a delay in plans. Tourist characters may be somewhat frustrated if their experiences of the location or culture do not meet their expectations, or if their accommodations are poor. Tourist characters may also be confused or require advice, and may awkwardly ask a local for directions or food recommendations. Tourist characters are generally excited to meet locals, and retell their adventures to friends and family at home.

    Tourist characters can be seen most often in movies or television shows in the adventure genre, and they can also be seen in other forms of media filling secondary roles, or acting as a lesser part of the personality of a character. A character who plays a spy, for example, may be a tourist in a new land, with tourism being only a byproduct of their assignment. Tourists can also be observed in real life, either by visiting a tourist attraction and observing people at said attraction, or through watching video blogs posted by tourists about their travels to certain places, and their commentary on their experiences. By incorporating a sense of adventure and desire to explore into your voice, and observing how real life tourists behave, you can voice an excited tourist character who is ready for travel!