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    All About Troll Voices

    Are you familiar with the folkloric creature who resides under a bridge? Famous for frequent appearances in fantasy films, literature, and video games, trolls are characterized as monstrous tricksters with wretched appearances.

    The troll is a fantasy creature that traditionally is less intelligent and more brutish. The troll speaks slowly, is quick to anger, and can be arrogant, relying on its size and strength to win any conflict.

    Examples of troll characters

    An excellent portrayal of this type of troll is seen in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. These trolls like to argue, are less intelligent, quick to anger, and mindless, only focusing on satisfying their immediate desires. To voice one of these trolls, it is best to be simple, speaking loudly but slowly, and in short sentences. Trolls of this type are also more likely to yell or shout, so having a roar that can create fear and unease is a great asset.

    Less conventional troll examples

    There are newer trolls as well, which are quite different from the traditional type. These trolls include the numerous trolls from the movie Trolls. The trolls in this subcategory are upbeat, optimistic, more intelligent, and have little conflict with one another.

    Unlike the trolls from older fantasy works or even the Grumpy Old Troll from the TV show Dora, these ones are happier and spend a lot of their time creating art, partying, cracking jokes, and being social butterflies. The key to this type of troll is maintaining a friendly and positive attitude.

    The final category of troll is less conventional and more likely to be seen in cyberspace. These trolls are people who get joy out of causing discontentment or arguments and are typically self-centered and disrespectful. They, like the traditional trolls, are quick to anger and only focus on short-term satisfaction. Internet trolls are usually as annoying and irritating as possible.

    The vocal role of a troll can range from sinister and off-putting to humorous and jovial, not unlike a garden gnome. Whatever sort of troll you’re looking for, you can be sure to find your match here.