Lists of the Top Voice Talent in the Industry

Voices.com aggregates thousands of interactions such as listens, favorites and hirings and ranks the voice talent who stand out from the crowd.

What is it?

VoiceRank is a collection of lists that organize and rank Voices.com’s voice talent by the Top 100 Newest, Recently Hired, and Most Favorited. At its core, the Top 100 lists are the result of human interactions and a ranking engine that highlights activity by over 200,000 professionals. Each of the lists updates in real-time so keep your eye on the lists for your name.

How do each of the lists work?

There are three Top 100 lists linked from the Voices.com’s homepage. Each list has 50 female talent and 50 male talent. The rankings include the name of the talent, their position or rank on the list as well as the talent’s voice-over demo. Here is a breakdown of each one and how our talent members become featured on each list:

  • Recently Hired

    The Recently Hired list showcases the top 100 talent who have completed a job through the Voices.com SurePay system. Talent who have completed work outside of the SurePay system do not appear on the list and cannot be manually added to it. The list is updated every five minutes.

  • Favorites

    Voices.com clients can shortlist talent they would like to work with by clicking on the “Save to Favorites” feature when searching through our search engine or directory. The talent whose demos are saved the most often to client favorites appear on this list. This list updates every hour.

  • New Voices

    This list features new members of Voices.com and those who have most recently renewed their memberships. The names on this list change frequently in real time as memberships are activated or renewed and updates every five minutes.

What our members say

Being on the Top 100 Favorites has been humbling, and at the same time exhilarating, to achieve so many of my professional goals as a voice-over artist since becoming a member of Voices.com in 2007.

Karen DeBoer, Voice Talent

Voices.com puts the power back into the hands of the performer. No longer do I sit and wait for the phone to ring from my agent in town. I book my share of voice-over work from Carolina to Dubai.

Mike Kirby, Voice Talent

Voices.com provides a great service at an even better value. Whether you’re just getting started in the industry or are a veteran, Voices.com provides a variety of opportunities.

Rhonda Alexander, Voice Talent