Meet the Leadership Team at Voices.com

Voices.com's team is made up of a diversity of backgrounds from the financial industry to computer science, sound engineering and vocal education.

David Ciccarelli

David Ciccarelli

Chief Executive Officer

David Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and CEO of Voices.com, the online marketplace that connects business people with professional voice over talent. The unique blending of his audio engineering background with self-taught business savvy and website development afforded David the creative freedom to pursue his passion for innovation during the first dot com boom, the result of which catapulted him onto the scene as a pioneer in his field in the early 2000s.

Stephanie Ciccarelli

Stephanie Ciccarelli

Chief Brand Officer

Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer at Voices.com. As the top champion of the brand, she oversees the creation and review of content, and leads the industry in conversation. For over 25 years, Stephanie has used her voice to communicate what is most important to her through the spoken word, written word, and song. Possessing a great love for imparting knowledge and empowering others, Stephanie has been a contributor to The Huffinginton Post, Backstage Magazine, and the Voices.com blog, which has a readership of over 30,000. 

Kevin Ronson

Kevin Ronson, H.B.A, C.A.

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Economics and Accounting and went on to earn his Chartered Accountant designation from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario. Before joining Voices.com, Kevin worked as an external auditor serving clients in a wide range of industries. As part of the Voices.com team, Kevin is responsible for ensuring that all things financial run smoothly and that our customer service is the best in the industry.



Chris Kirby

Chris Kirby, BCompSc, MSc

Chief Technology Officer

Chris is responsible for overseeing the Technology of Voices.com, and ensures we are working with the best possible hardware and software products necessary to remain efficient. Chris Kirby has been working professionally with computers since 1980. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with an advanced degree in computer science.


Andrew Ackles

Andrew Ackles

Vice President, Sales

Andrew is a Global Sales Executive with 12 years of high-impact direct sales experience plus 5 years in Advertising Market Research. Andrew combines professional and collaborative style with passion for providing clients with practical solutions to support their businesses and strategies.



Alina Morkin

Alina Morkin

Vice President, Marketing

Alina Morkin is a marketing and communications professional with over 15 years experience. With an MBA focusing on strategic decision-making and marketing strategy, and an HBA in Business Administration, Alina has a personal belief in the power of effective, thoughtful communication to build and strengthen relationships at all stakeholder levels for an organization.



Kaitlyn Apfelbeck

Kaitlyn Apfelbeck CHRP

Director, Human Resources

Kaitlyn Apfelbeck is a graduate from Western University. Kaitlyn is an expert in all things HR, specializing specifically in team management, full cycle recruitment, strategic planning, progressive discipline and corrective action policy development, coaching and mentoring, as well as legislation compliance. Kaitlyn is frequently recognized as an expert in her field and has been published by HR.com, Creator, Monster, and HRM Magazine.