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Technology to Power the Industry Leading Website has created cutting edge technology that allows the client to negotiate directly with the talent without an agent's intercession.


Voice Marketplace

The marketplace enables people to post a job, then receive responses based upon their specific project requirements. The advanced system automatically analyzes a client’s needs with matching voice talent profiles and invites only the most qualified candidates to respond to a job posting.

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Voice Search’s search engine helps people to search for voice talent by keyword, gender, experience, and location. Independent producers as well as people working at ad agencies, audio post-production facilities, video production houses can use advanced search techniques to drill down to specific voice characteristics and find not only dozens of amazing talent, but often voice talent who live in their area.

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VoiceMatch is a recommendation engine that matches up talent profiles with job postings. Voice talent are able to see their individual VoiceMatch scores on a job per job basis before they audition. VoiceMatch scores help talent to gauge how qualified they are for the opportunities they receive.

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VoiceRank is a directory that organizes voice talent by the Top 100 Newest, Recently Hired, and Most Favored. At its core, the Top 100 lists are the result of human interactions fueling the ranking engine that highlights activity by over 100,000 users.

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SurePay is an escrow payment service developed to handle transactions between buyers and service providers on our site. acts as the trusted neutral party between clients hiring talent and the voice talent themselves. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when paying through SurePay.

Learn More iPhone App iPhone App designed an app for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch to serve customers who are on the go. This app was designed to serve both those hiring talent and voice actors promoting themselves for work opportunities.

Learn More or Download from the App Store Android App Android App's designed an app for Android and BlackBerry devices. The app, similar to’s app for iOS devices, can be used by both the people looking for voices as well as voice talent who audition for work. Recording capabilities on the app make for easy auditioning on the go and also for instant access to account details and voice samples anytime, from anywhere.

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With the app for iPad, connecting from a mobile device has never been simpler. You can use the app to post a job and review responses and custom voice samples. Voice talent also find this app useful for recording and editing auditions either on the go or when they are working remotely. Handy, fun and efficient are just three words to describe the app for iPad.

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Our 7 Guiding Principles

There are 7 guiding principles that drive innovation at

  1. Innovation, not instant perfection.

    We believe in launching new products and ideas early and often, rather than trying to perfect those ideas behind closed doors before releasing them to the public. Then, customer feedback and popularity prove which projects are most successful.

  2. Share everything you can.

    Small teams that communicate openly have proved the best results for We believe in transparency in the workplace so that everyone knows what everyone else is working on. From shared documents to shared calendars and promotes online collaboration. Daily "huddles", which are standing-only meetings are short 15 minute bursts of information sharing where facts, figures and opportunities can be discussed and acted upon as a team.

  3. Ideas come from everywhere. applies both critical thinking to generate ideas and crowdsourcing by turning to the community of members for new ideas. With the use of Salesforce Ideas, an idea capturing and voting application, team members can add, organize and discuss suggestions on how to improve the service. Colleagues vote up the best ideas and then they are assigned to the person who can "make it happen".

  4. Special Projects. encourages employees to pursue their dreams. 10 percent of the time employees are allowed to pursue their own high risk/high reward projects.'s social media efforts including Facebook Fan pages, split testing with Google Website Optimizer, user testing with and or becoming a Salesforce Level II Administrator are all the result of 10 percent time being put to good use.

  5. Creativity loves restraint.

    Again, keeps all of the employee-generated ideas streamlined towards the company's goals letting people explore but setting clear boundaries for that exploration.

  6. Get users and usage – the money will follow.

    Respect for community is of paramount importance. We encourage interaction design over simply making things look pretty.

  7. Don't kill projects, morph them. doesn't waste ideas. Instead, we try to change and transform them into something the company finds useful.