Technology to Power the Industry Leading Website has created cutting edge technology that allows the client to work directly with professional voice over talent.

The marketplace enables people to post a job, then receive responses based upon their specific project requirements. The advanced system automatically analyzes a client’s needs with matching voice talent profiles and invites only the most qualified candidates to respond to a job posting.

Learn More About VoiceMarketplace or Take the Tour’s search engine helps people to search for voice talent by keyword, gender, experience, and location. Independent producers as well as people working at ad agencies, audio post-production facilities, video production houses can use advanced search techniques to drill down to specific voice characteristics and find not only dozens of amazing talent, but often voice talent who live in their area.

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VoiceMatch is a recommendation engine that matches up talent profiles with job postings. Voice talent are able to see their individual VoiceMatch scores on a job per job basis before they audition. VoiceMatch scores help talent to gauge how qualified they are for the opportunities they receive.

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VoiceRank is a directory that organizes voice talent by the Top 100 Newest, Recently Hired, and Most Favored. At its core, the Top 100 lists are the result of human interactions fueling the ranking engine that highlights activity by over 200,000 users.

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SurePay is an escrow payment service developed to handle transactions between buyers and service providers on our site. acts as the trusted neutral party between clients hiring talent and the voice talent themselves. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when paying through SurePay.

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