Editing a Sub-Account

How to Edit a Sub-Account

Any sub-account created by an account Owner or Administrator can be edited by clicking your profile thumbnail at the tip-right, then Manage Users,  and then (on the Users page) clicking the View button for the account you wish to edit.
The current status of the sub-account can be viewed and some fields are available to be edited if needed.
  • The Username and Status fields are read-only fields and will show the username created for the sub-account and its current status.
  • The Name and Email fields are required and can be edited here.
  • The Phone and Title fields are optional, allowing the entry of an additional contact number as well as some description of the user (editor, producer, etc.)
  • The Role for a sub-account can be reset: Owners can assign Administrator and Manager roles, while Administrators can assign the Manager role only.
Also available are buttons to Save Changes, Cancel or even Remove a sub-account and, depending on the status of the sub-account some additional buttons will be available:
  • If the sub-account is Active the Reset Password button can be used to send a randomly generated password to the user.
  • If the sub-account is still Pending another invitation can be sent by clicking Resend Invitation.
Note: The profile image for a sub-account will default using the profile image of the main account but can be changed by hovering over the image and clicking Change.

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