What does the heart icon mean on my Demos?

What does the heart icon mean on my Demos?

Beginning in November of 2016, clients can add specific demos to their Favorites.

The new heart () icon appearing next to your Listens count in your Demos list (https://www.voices.com/talent/demos) indicates how many times a Demo has added by a client to their Favorites list.

Previous to November 2016 clients would favorite your Profile rather than a specific Demo so, to facilitate the change to Favoriting demos, all Favorites previously applied to your Profile have been moved to your Featured Demo. If you had not set a Featured Demo at the time of this update, any Favorites on your Profile were applied to the Demo with the most Listens.

Updating Demos

Please note: If you are thinking about updating a demo consider that deletion of a demo will also delete and of the Favorites and Listens that have been applied to the Demo. You may wish to replace the audio file with an updated MP3 rather than deleting the entire Demo.

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