What happens after I make a deposit or payment for a job?

Making a Deposit or Payment For a Job

When you click Hire you are prompted to make a deposit to Voices's secure SurePay account. The deposit is the full amount as displayed in the talent's audition response to your project. 

Immediately on making a deposit, you will be redirected to the Agreements tab where you will be asked to complete the terms of your project, including the due date, final script, and any additional direction or upload related documentation (e.g. NDAs, talent release forms etc.) that might be needed. If you have navigated away from the site without completing your Agreement you can quickly return to it by clicking Payments > Held in SurePay, and then Requires Agreement.

As soon your Agreement has been submitted, the talent you are working with is notified that a deposit has been made and is invited to accept your Agreement and start recording your project. 

Your deposit is held by Voices. Payment can be issued to voice talent by clicking "Release Funds" on the platform otherwise payment will be automatically released 14 days after the delivery date (i.e. Project Deadline) set in the agreement. 

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