The Search Engine


There are several ways to find voice talent meeting specific attributes at

The Search Engine

Just type in keywords to describe the type of voice you’re looking for or choose from the dropdown menus to filter for category of work, gender, voice age, and language.

You can listen to demos within the search results or click through to a particular talent’s profile page to learn more about their skills and experience.

You can invite a specific talent to audition for your job by clicking the Invite to Job button on the search results page beside the talent’s demo, or from the talent’s profile page, and creating a new job posting. You can also click Invite to Job to add the talent to an existing job.

Explore Pages

Another great way to discover new talent is to listen to demos of featured talent on Explore pages. Explore pages consist of curated lists, that you can access from the Home Page, of featured talent to find inspiration and discover demos segmented by category of work, style, role, language, accent, age or city.

From any Explore page you can invite featured talent to a job, view their profiles, or find search results for similar talent.

The Directory

You can further refine your search by using our category specific Directory. The Directory consists of twelve different categories to match your project category. From the search results you can listen to samples, read reviews, add to Favorites, send an email, create an Invitation List, and request and audition from a specific voice actor by clicking Invite to Job.

Posting A Job

The best way to find a voice over talent is to post a job. Simply select the type of job posting you wish to create and enter in the details of the voice over you’re casting for.  Once submitted and approved, the appropriate voice talent will be notified of the job and will then submit a custom demo including a quote for their services.  


The Directory is a categorized list of voice talent by area of expertise.  The purpose of the Directory is to provide you with a direct link to profiles based on the recording category type you need.

Ordering Talent Within The Directory

Platinum members are listed first, then Premium annual, Premium Lite and then Guests. Within each membership grouping, talent are randomly shuffled hourly to show different voices that match the criteria.

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