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Finding and Inviting Talent to Work with on Voices
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Finding and Inviting Talent to Work With on Voices

There are four primary ways to find talent and projects on Voices:

  • using our Search engine;
  • browsing our talent pool and projects via Browse;
  • posting a job and letting Voices automatically match and invite talent to it,
  • browsing and buying on the Project Marketplace, and finally;
  • engaging our Managed Services Team to find talent on your behalf.

Quick Tip: Managed Services will assist and manage your complex voice over job only. Currently Managed Services does not manage any audio production, music, or translation job that does not also include a voice over element at its core. 


At any point while using Voices you can use the Search bar at the top of each page. You can select either Talent or Projects by using the dropdown on the left of the search bar.

Talent Search:
By default, when you search for talent on Voices, you will be searching across all of our different creative services. If you’d like to select a specific creative service to search within (e.g. voice over, audio production, music or translation), you can select the desired service from the dropdown menu within the search bar.

To begin your search, select the talent dropdown, type your desired keywords into the search bar and hit enter. 

Talent results will show a variety of information about the talent being displayed:

  • in addition to the talent’s name, rating, number of reviews, and location, you’ll see the number of jobs they’ve completed on Voices;
  • you’ll see the talent’s featured demo or portfolio sample, while having ability to preview audio or view translation portfolio samples; 
  • you’ll see an icon indicating the specific service and skill associated with that talent’s search result, just below the featured demo or portfolio sample preview, and;
  • you can see the tags that talent have assigned to their featured demos or portfolio sample, with an additional ‘# More’ indicator to tell you there are additional tags.

You can also favorite talent directly from search results by clicking on the ‘heart’ icon next to the demo or portfolio sample preview. If you’re interested in seeing more you can click through to a particular talent’s profile page to learn more about their skills and experience.

Additionally, you can invite a specific talent to respond to your job by clicking the Invite to Job button on the search results page beside the talent’s demo or portfolio sample, or from the talent’s profile page. You'll then proceed to create a new job posting. You can also click Invite to Job to add the talent to an existing job.

Finally, depending on the service you’ve selected, you can further refine your results by taking advantage of various search filters. By default, if you don’t select a specific service from the search bar, or if you want to search across all of our talent, you’ll be able to take advantage of basic Location filters, like Country, State or Province, and City. 

When searching for voice actors, you’ll be able to filter by: Skill (formerly Category), Voice Gender, Voice Age, Language, Accent, Live Directed Session, and Location.

When searching for audio producers, you’ll be to filter by: Skill, Software, and Location.

When searching for translators, you’ll be able to filter by: Source and Target Language, Industry Expertise, and Location. 

Lastly, when searching for musicians, the filters will change depending on the specific Music Skill you’ve selected. For example, when searching for singers and jingle composers, you’ll be able to filter by: Genre, Voice Gender, Voice Age, Language and Location. However, when searching for music composers you’ll be able to filter by: Genre, Software, and Location.

Project Search
When you search for projects, you will find a variety of projects that match your key words. You can use the filters to the side to filter by delivery date, cost and service. 

Project results will show a variety of information describing the project and talent, including: 

  • a descriptive title explaining what the project is,
  • the skill and category being offered,
  • delivery time and price,
  • a project sample to listen to,
  • the talent name, rating and number of reviews. 


At any time, you can access the Browse experience from the main sub-navigation bar (or sub-nav). Here you’ll be able to select any of our creative services. 

When you select one of the four creative services, you’ll be taken to a Skill-hub page, where we list all of the Skills our talent offer within that specific creative service. Given our immense history and familiarity with voice over, we’ve got some additional ways to browse voice over talent, like by Language, Voice Age, Accents, Style, and Role.

Once you’ve made your selection from the Skill-hub page, you’ll be taken to a Skill page that displays a grid-style listing of potential talent and projects for you to review. Each talent ‘card’ includes the talent name, profile photo, ratings and reviews, location, their top demo or portfolio sample and a button to view their profile in more detail. Each project 'card' includes the project title, a sample of the project, talent name and rating, turnaround time and price. 

To invite the talent or purchase the project, click into the card. 

Post a Job

The most popular way to find a talent is to post a public job and let Voices do the searching, matching and inviting for you. Simply select the type of job posting you wish to create and enter in the details of the job you’re looking to complete.  Once submitted and approved, the appropriate and best-suited talent will be notified of the job and if interested, will then submit a custom response including a quote for their services.  

For more information about posting a job on Voices, review this FAQ article.

Buying on the Project Marketplace

The Project Marketplace is the quickest way to hire on Voices. Simply use the search or browse function to find the projects you are looking for, compare the projects and buy the one you are most interested in. For non-broadcast jobs, you will sometimes have the option to customize with packages. Packages are tiered levels of work ranging from Essential, Enhanced to Elite. Add-ons can also be used to add additional customization. 

Working with Managed Services

To learn more about how Managed Services can help you with your complex voice over job, you can visit this page or connect with your Account Manager via email or phone. Your Account Manager's contact information can be found by visiting your My Home page by clicking the Voices logo in the top navigation bar (after you've logged in to your account).


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