How do I add talent to my Favorites list?

Adding a Talent To Your Favorites List

There are a number of ways to add a voice talent to your Favorites list for future contact. You can do so:

From a Profile

On the Bio tab of a talent profile you can click the grey icon that accompanies their demo at the top of the page. The icon will turn red () when it has been saved to to your Favorites.

From a Demo

On the Demos tab of a profile you can review demos and click the grey icon for any Demos that you would like to add to your Favorites. As above, the heart icon will trun red when a selection is added to Favorites.

If you have previously saved any demo(s) to Favorites, a heart icon will appear at the upper left of the talent profile image as a reminder.

From a Search Result

When viewing search results, a grey icon appears next to the audio player, Click to .

From an Audition

If you have posted a job and have received a response from a talent whom you would like to add to your Favorites, you can do so by clicking the More Info link. 
A Save to Favorites button appears among the options at the right.

You can view talent previously added to your Favorites by navigating to Favorites > Favorite Demos at the top of the page. From your Favorite Demos list you can jump to the talent's full profile or Invite to Job, inviting them to audition for a job directly.

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