How long should I wait before I hit the "Release Payment" button? My Client still hasn't released payment. What should I do?

Knowing When To Hit the Release Payment Button

Each client will have their own process for approving files and releasing payments. Your immediate client may not be the end-user for your voice-over and may be passing files through several other layers of approval before they can send edit requests or approve files. 
Leaving a few days for approval (more if approaching a weekend) before clicking the Request Release button is ideal. If a couple days pass without a response, a personal query to your client regarding the status of the project can be made. The best way to do this is through the messaging system, the "messages" tab on the job.

In general, if a client has not answered messages, has not approved submitted files, or has not released funds for more than about 7 business days, email the support team ([email protected]) with the Job #. We can then reach out to your client to assist in moving things along. 

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