Is there a money back guarantee at

No we do not offer a money back guarantee on memberships. There is no way we could. 
A voice talent membership at provides you with an online presence. We provide you with a Profile, hosted and maintained by us, file space to store your demos, image and text files, access to resources like suggestions on studio equipment, how to optimize your Profile to maximize search results, how to bill a client for your services, what to bill a client for your services, sample scripts and so on. 
We are primarily a marketing tool for voice talent. We are not part of the job selection process (save for Professional Services jobs) and never part of the awarding process. We cannot guarantee that you'll be awarded a job within a specific timeframe. Your ability to get work depends solely on you and the clients who are listening to your demos. 
We bring the clients to the site; it's your job to get the job. For those who may not want to make a year's commitment we offer monthly membership plans as well.
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