How Does Voices Calculate the Recommended Budget?

The recommended budget uses a machine learning-based algorithm to look at past voice over jobs successfully completed on Voices that are similar to the one you are posting. We look at factors like the voice language, accent requirements, usage, whether or not you've uploaded a custom script, and the type of creative service that you're looking for to find similar past jobs where clients found the talent they were looking for at the right price. This information, plus analysis of budget trends determines the recommended budget for your project.

This recommended budget is custom and personalized to the specifics of your job posting and is intended to assist you in finding the right budget for your job. An accurately priced job increases the likelihood that the right talent will respond to your job and that the talent you hire will complete the job to your satisfaction.

For the time being, recommended budgets are only provided for non-broadcast voice over jobs (i.e. not radio, television, or internet ad-based jobs).

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