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Strap in your seatbelts everyone, because this episode is a ride! Our hosts Vanessa and Tara invite coach Jordan Hunter Jones to deliver some voice over truth on this month’s auditions. We hear some very competitive auditions, and some not so much. This month’s coach Jordan is here to deliver the honest truth that voice over talent need to hear!

More about Jordan: www.JordanHunterJones.com

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This is one of the most competitive industries in the world. There's no shortage of people knocking at the door.
Is it a cooking timer? What's going on in
It's a fan. It's, I think Jordan can up, she's a delivery driver, and her indicator was on. I'm
So happy we got this audition, right? This is what the whole show is about. Welcome everyone to today's episode of Mission Audition. Thank you for joining us. Mission Audition is the voiceover podcast where we listen to real auditions from voices members and hear feedback from world class voiceover coaches. My name is Tara, senior Manager of Brand Communications, and I'm joined by my co-host Vanessa, community Manager here at Voices.
What's going on everybody? Today's topic is Mastering Red Light Fever with our August featured coach Jordan Hunter Jones. He's been sunny from Coco Puffs in countless video games, including Final Fantasy. He's regularly worked with Nickelodeon. He's one of the [00:01:00] rescue heroes in the animated cartoon series. Acted in film's opposite Ben Affleck, Thomas Hayden Church and Stars in both voice and on camera commercials. He's signed to multiple top tier talent agencies and continues to book many of the top biggest acting gigs. Welcome, Jordan. How are you doing today?
Thank you. That is always so uncomfortable to hear those , uh, those, uh, accreditations, I guess. But I mean, yeah, when you're an actor, you are the product. [00:01:30] So, hi. Thank you guys so much for having me. It is a privilege to be here and a bigger privilege to meet you guys. Thank you.
It's so nice to finally see a face.
Here it is. Sorry to let you down. , this is it. It's the best I got. .
We are so excited to have you on the show. Jordan, thank you so much for being here. All right, Vanessa, you ready to dive in?
Oh, yeah. I'm so ready. Let's get into it. Let's get into the job description and artistic direction.
So, the artistic direction for this, it's a radio ad, and the script is [00:02:00] intended to promote glowing beauty skincare targeting individuals interested in skincare and beauty products. The tone should be soothing, confident, and persuasive. The listeners should be engaged and curious enough about the new service to call and find out more information, a soft sell read in an engaging and enticing way. Alright, Jordan, you ready to get started?
Let's do this.

Okay. Audition number one,
Experience radiant healthy [00:02:30] skin with glowing beauty skincare. Our advanced formulas reveal your skin's true radiance. Unlock the beauty within. Visit our website to explore all your skincare essentials, glowing beauty skincare, where beauty meets science.
Alright, let's get right into this one. What are your thoughts on this audition, Jordan?
Well, um, I definitely don't hate it. Um, she had really good pacing. Um, now again, it is a great sound [00:03:00] overall, but is it right for this particular audition, um, in the descriptions that you mentioned, we saw things like, I mean, in listening to her voice, the things that stood out to me the most were bubbly. Um, I heard some upbeat in there, some optimistic. Um, they used to say, if you ever did any kind of sales, they'd always say, you know, smile and dial. The argument being that, you know, people can hear when you're smiling, uh, over the phone. And it's the same thing in voiceover. So [00:03:30] I could definitely hear this audition smiling. Um, and it sounded great. I mean, it was, it made me feel good. It was, like I said, upbeat and bubbly. And while I do love it, I think this is a great audition for a take two, uh, for me.
Um, this particular actor, I think needs to do a first take that gives the casting director a little bit more of what they asked for. Which in this particular one that you just read, the things that stood out to me, especially [00:04:00] was the word soothing when you think about this product. Um, I mean, I think they wrote the word soothing in there at least two, maybe three times. You know, and a quick look at Google on my phone here, , it says that goo uh, that the word soothing is defined as having a gentle and calming effect. And again, that was great. That was a great audition. I just don't think that that's what I heard. I don't, I didn't hear soothing in that. So this is a wonderful second take. Uh, you know, any, any coach will tell you, you definitely want to do two takes.
[00:04:30] Um, it also hinted at gentle music or relaxing sound, uh, in the description. Yeah. And those are clues for the actor, not necessarily to use that, but that's telling you, this is the background, this is the environment you're walking into. So that's what you're gonna wanna bring. Something that fits that. So bubbly, upbeat, optimistic, those aren't exactly synonyms for soothing and gentle and relaxing. But again, I think it was a really good, um, take too. And again, you know, always do two auditions. [00:05:00] Um, it, it is a numbers game. This business, I hate to say this to students, but our auditions are our sales calls because the last thing I want somebody to do is view an audition, which is a, it's a, it's an art form where voice artists, I don't want them to view it as a sales call, but unfortunately, unfortunately, the reality is that they are. So, you know, you want to do at least two auditions. This was a great take two to show range, but I don't think that this is the one that she should have led with. And, and in hearing [00:05:30] her voice, I believe she could put some soothing and gentle in there and be a major contender.

Yeah, I really liked her voice. And it's, I, I think she probably should have maybe added some music just to make it pop, but it's nice to hear your opinion on that because I was like, oh, I like this one. This is like, she's has a great voice and like kind of a soft sell. But I mean, I'm not the expert, so it's just like, nice to hear your opinion on and your feedback on that.
Um, well, I actually do want to talk on that real quick. Yeah. If that's okay. Yeah, yeah. You bring up an amazing point. You know, you say you'd like to hear some music in [00:06:00] the background. Traditionally, that is a huge no-no in the industry, right? Because of a few reasons, primarily. Um, and I hear this is different up in Canada versus United States, but I don't know. Um, but here, for the most part, you know, casting directors, talent agents written in descriptions, you see it all the time. They put things, they put clues in there. They'll tell you about the music, they'll tell you about sound effects. They'll tell you about what's going on in the background. But again, it's to help guide the actor in [00:06:30] better fitting the environment. Traditionally, it is a huge no-no to put in music or sound effects in the background.
The, especially audio engineers hate it. Um, one of the other big problems is, especially for an audition, they're not just listening for your read. They're listening for your audio quality. And if you're blanketing that with music, that can throw you out the window for a contender, you know, a lot of times this stuff comes down to a tie and you don't want to give them anything to be like, well, I don't know, take this one out 'cause I can't hear their audio quality. [00:07:00] Um, so it is traditionally a, a a no-no. Same thing with sound effects. Now that said , I do it all the time. . I know, I know, I know. And let me explain why real quick. Yes. Explain. I don't wanna to hang up on this too long. But, um, there are an, there, there will be auditions from time to time because a lot of times I will put it in for my audition.
'cause I want to hear quick example. Uh, I'm in Texas. There was a p ss a for going back to school this spring or fall. [00:07:30] And they were talking about in the commercial, the assistant principal comes on the PA system and he makes this announcement, parents, please don't text while driving. That kind of a thing. Right? I did the audition and I normal, just a clean raw audio. I added that pa a system of effect on their knowing that that's what they were gonna do. And oh my gosh, I was like, I have to do it. So I had to submit it, and then I, but you always put a raw take after it so they get the audio quality. So same [00:08:00] thing with the music bed, special effects, whatever. Don't do it unless it's really gonna help. And yes, I did book it so
Yes, you did.
That's amazing. So it did pay off, but there's a big debate in the arena, so Right. In the, in the, in the world about that. So, yeah.
Okay. So just to clarify, if, if you have your client hat on, if the script does read, add background music, you should do two takes. One take Exactly as directed, and then another take without the background music.

Speaker 1:
Well, you said if it tells you to add background [00:08:30] music. Um, now on this description that I saw, uh, we know it's gonna be radio commercial suggested sound effects, suggested sound effects include gentle music and relaxing sounds. Now that to me mm-hmm. tells me that this is probably what we're gonna put on there, just so you know. Right. Okay. I don't think it's saying, we highly suggest you put this on your audition and, and whoever wrote this art direction, if their audio engineer was in there, I guarantee [00:09:00] you he'd be throwing a chair. You know, he or she would be like, don't you tell 'em that? Because they hate that stuff. Okay. They hate, they hate, hate compression. It's cool. Yeah. Okay. Um, now, but that said, there are times, you know, uh, when it does work. So I, as a rule of thumb, for me, if you're gonna do it, always put the raw version second. So
That's a great tip. Yeah. So I was just making sure of that. I'm, I'm glad you brought it up. Yeah. Yeah.
I really feel like that's a good tip for people because sometimes when you read [00:09:30] the script, you may, if you're doing audition after audition, you may get, um, so into the audition that you, you sort of lose what the audition actually calls for and you don't really read it. So it's a good point that you made where I'm thinking the audition says, put in audio where Yeah. It, it actually doesn't, it's just getting you in that mindset of being wherever they are. Like it's, it's setting the scene up, basically.
[00:10:00] Yeah. And, you know, real quick, another point I just realized that I gotta credit you guys on, I was listening to another mission audition recently, and somebody else addressed something that it kind of changed my thoughts on this a little bit. And I want to give them credit. I don't remember the person, but it was a very recent one y'all had. And this individual said on voices, if you're like a mom and pop smaller operation or a dry cleaner restaurant, some mom and pop, they're not as well versed as an audio engineer or some pro. [00:10:30] So in that arena, it might be a little more welcomed because it might help these people that aren't as good or as regularly, you know, regularly holding auditions. When I heard that point on another mission audition, I was like, that's a great point. So I will withhold my input in that, you know, in, in that situation, it could be a benefit for like a mom and pop audition, but for a big leagues, major players, I absolutely would not, I don't wanna say taint, but taint the audition with any kind of external sounds.
Speaker 2: Speaker 1: Speaker 3:
Speaker 1:
Speaker 3: Speaker 2: Speaker 1: Speaker 2: Speaker 1:
[00:11:00] That's really helpful. It was the flower shop. Yes. So Sarah,
Oh, you remember it? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. That's
Awesome. I heard that and I was like, oh, that's actually a good point,
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Speaker 2:
Speaker 1: Speaker 2: Speaker 5:
Speaker 3:
Speaker 1: Speaker 2:
Speaker 1:
. You're like, dang. Um, okay. Well that was, that was great feedback for audition number one. Do you have anything else to say about this one or We'll head to number two.
Great. Take two. I'd love to see a take one from that person. Perfect.
Alright, let's jump into our second audition
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[00:12:00] I really appreciate the music choice and the fact that his two takes sounds so different. Yep. It was like a ray of sunshine because so many times, even with Mission audition, uh, I actually post the mission audition audition, and when we get two takes, I'm gonna say 80% of the time, they sound the exact same
Identical, biggest, biggest newbie move in the business. . And, and they'll be like, look, I did two. And I'm like, [00:12:30] no, you didn't .
And it's interesting, you know, when they do the same take and it's like, but did they think that it's different? Mm-hmm. . Yeah. You know, we're listening and we're like, this is the same thing I,
I remember. Um, I'm guilty, I'm guilty. And I think we all do it because like, like, uh, you guys said earlier, it's like, it's weird hearing your voice in the headset for the first time. Yeah. Mm. And so when I was starting out, number one, any new voice actor is just gonna analyze the paralyze. We're gonna be so obsessive about our auditions, and so because we're not used to [00:13:00] it and we're getting the hang of it. So when we make the slightest change to us, it's this grandiose thing that the world is gonna be. Oh, did you hear that? Uh, they, they took a breath here instead of there. Yeah. And it's just, in hindsight, you look back and it's embarrassing . Um, but everybody does it. And I did it, and I, I would have what my first agent, she was like, this is the exact same second take.
And I was like, are you outta your mind? So now I make it a big deal, and I love it when actors do too, like you just said. Um, [00:13:30] let's take a look at this one. So, uh, audition number two, I, you're right. I love that he did two different takes. That is first and foremost what stood out to me. So thank you to that actor, because if you're gonna host, if you're gonna listen to a hundred auditions, all have two takes in 'em. I, I seriously believe mm-hmm. , 40 to 50 of them are gonna have identical takes, like we're talking about. So thank you to this actor for not doing that. Now take two. Here's what stood out to me on this one that was weird and interesting. Take two
Speaker 1:
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was soothing, [00:14:00] gentle, relaxing. Take one was informative and educational.
Speaker 1:
Uh, an educational read is a grocery list.
Uh, you know, this drug has this, this Bluetooth, blah, blah, blah, groceries, apples, oranges, blah, blah, blah. That's a, that's an informative, an educational read. And this script lends itself to that if you go that way. And that's what I heard in Take One. Um, and then he, he, uh, the, the actor comes back with Take Two nails, it, smooth, gentle, [00:14:30] relaxing. Um, but Take one was pretty much bordering Una announcer a bit. It was very matter of fact is what I heard. And here's the thing. If I had the opportunity to speak to this actor, I would be very curious to ask them why they chose to lead with Take One. I love that they did two takes, right? Everybody knows on your voiceover demo and on your auditions, you always lead with your, what you feel is your best. Because nine outta 10 times, you're only getting five to 15 seconds worth of ears on [00:15:00] it anyway.
Yeah. Every, everyone write that down ,
Right? Right. Yeah. You lead with your best. I am fascinated that he chose to lead with Take one, uh, when his take two was so in the pocket for this particular audition. Um, the only problem with Take two though, is it was substantially long. Um, and I say that because in the directions of this, it admits it's radio. It doesn't say digital radio, it doesn't say, it says it's radio. Radio is 15, 30, 60. Um, and so it's okay. I [00:15:30] never, ever, ever want, uh, the timestamp to dictate the performance. I would rather an actor go two or three seconds over and deliver the right feel. 'cause you know, they can direct it the time later. But in this one, he went substantially over. He really slowed take two down and enough to where it could affect him. So if he sped up, take two a bit, uh, and maybe not quite that relaxed. Um, , I think I was welcoming it because take one. I mean, his first [00:16:00] take was so much more announcer. I really welcome the relaxed and take two. Um, but if he were to slow or to speed up, take two and not be as relaxed, huge contender right there.
Yeah. And I, I just wanna add on to that. This audition felt very real to me because of the two takes. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah, because they were so different. And like you were saying, like, usually both takes are quite literally very similar, I'll say merits. So it's nice, it's refreshing. I, I will say to hear two different takes, but it felt very real to me. [00:16:30] Um, so this, this is one of my top picks.
A little look into the future.
Um, yeah. Okay. Well this was a great one. Um, do you have any other notes for this, um, talent, Jordan?
No, I think, uh, I think a big player here, A heavy contender. Just a couple of tweaks.
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Speaker 2:
Speaker 1: Speaker 3: Speaker 1: Speaker 2:
Speaker 1:
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Speaker 2: Speaker 6:
Speaker 2: Speaker 1: Speaker 2:
Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
Speaker 2: Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
All right. Perfect. Let's move on to audition number three.
Experience Radiant Healthy Skin [00:17:00] with Glowing Beauty Skincare. Our advanced formulas reveal your skin's true radiance. Unlock the beauty within. Visit our website to explore all your skincare essentials, glowing beauty skincare, where beauty meets science.
All right, all good. Jordan .
I'm sorry. I'm applying the facial cream that he just talked to me
About. . No, seriously, because I was like, this is it. I like the music in this one. [00:17:30] It was giving me the vibe of a little bit. Like, I'm sitting in like a movie theater, but I was like, I feel like if I were to actually like watch a, like a skincare commercial, I'm like, this is it. This is a good one. . Yeah.
Take, take my credit card for the monthly subscription. Yeah.
. I think, I think I'm glowing. I think my radiant glow is standing out after listening to that. That was excellent. Well,
It sounds like you like it.
I'll pay $40 for that .
You know, I was gonna, right after that I was gonna be like, what was that? Oh, . No, that was, that [00:18:00] was a great one. That's great. Um, he's got a great natural voice for this, which for this audition, um, is huge. I wanna say to any voice actors out there listening that heard me just say that, keep in mind there is a downside to that. If somebody's like, well, I don't have a voice like that, and, you know, that makes me sad. No, he's got a great natural voice for this. Would he voice the new double diesel Dodge Ram truck commercial? Maybe not. So, maybe the voice actors out there listening who just [00:18:30] heard me say he's had a great natural voice for this. Maybe that's a more, you know, there's a ton of different wheelhouses. Mm-hmm. , don't let it discourage you. I'm just saying for this particular read, his voice was great. Um, not so much for a monster truck rally, but for this Yes. Um,
. Yeah. We all start somewhere. His voice.
Yeah, exactly. , the ticket gets you the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge use the radiant creams for Okay. .
Oh gosh. Imagine going from that to that. It's like zero to a hundred real Quick. That [00:19:00] that's two solid takes. .
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Speaker 1:
Speaker 3:
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Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
Oh yeah. I mean, I've had days where I've just done nothing but auditions and you have, you know, like a Monster truck event followed by a funeral home, followed by a P s a followed by a political ad. John Stevens said he was gonna put two turkeys in every pot, but he put one , and then you gotta follow that up with Johnson Stevens funeral home once. And you're like, oh, what am I doing? Oh, I'm an actor. Yeah.
Can, anyway, can I ask you, wow, this is my life. Yeah. Can I ask you a question [00:19:30] on that though? No, no question. How question? How do you go from ? Okay, we're moving on.
No questions. Yeah, we're done here. See you guys. We're done
Episode's over. Thanks for subscribing credits. Um, how do you, because it, it is real life though, that that is your life where you have so many different auditions in a day, and they're all different industries and they're all different emotions. How do you jump from one to the other? How do you be really super happy, excited, and then sell a Dodge truck and then a funeral announcement?
[00:20:00] That is such a good question right there. If, if I had to pick a favorite student in the class so far, right now, it's you winning. Amazing. But we, we, it's amazing. We're only the halfway point. No, I'm kidding. No, that is a wonderful question. You gotta go from a monster truck commercial. You gotta go to a funeral home. You gotta go to a p s A. You gotta go to an angry political ad. How do we do it? What's our secret? Is that what you're asking?
I wanna know the secret.
I do too. No, I'm kidding. What's the secret sauce? Uh, it's a, it's a great, great question. It really is. And so then [00:20:30] basically what what we do is I'm a voice and on camera actor, both. And you're not gonna encompass this very much and on camera because for an on camera audition, your whole body's the product. You have to go somewhere to film, you have to memorize lines, yada, yada, yada, a voice actor. However, it's just your voice. And we're just sitting in the same studio and we're shooting 'em all over the world. So we're popping 'em out, da da da da da, one after another. So it, this is really a great question and it's really a problem that only, uh, affects voice acting. So how [00:21:00] do we cope with it? Or how do we deal with it? Um, the basis of just about any acting on camera, voice theater, whatever is gonna be a really good analysis of your script.
And for voice acting. One of any good coach is gonna train in the, uh, 10, 15 different steps that traditionally come with script analysis for acting. It's almost universally agreed that one of the first things you do in script analysis for when I'm coaching it is literally step one. And that [00:21:30] is to read everything out loud. You read the entire script out loud. You read the disre, the, the director's notes. If it comes from an agent, you know, and they have input. I read that out loud. Mm-hmm. . And a lot of people might ask, why would you read it out loud? That seems trivial. The reason being is exactly what you said when you're a voice actor, um, I know a lot of us, myself
Speaker 1:
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included, on days when I'm focused on auditions, I'm up and I'm in the studio as soon as
Speaker 1:
Because when these directors hear what they like, a lot of times they shut the audition on. So [00:22:00] first thing I do, I get up, I'm in the studio, and you want to be quick, but you wanna have quality. I'm recording audition one, audition two, audition three. And there is some urgency in getting them out on these audition days. So you just got through finishing, you know, the furniture factory warehouse, everything must go, we've over delivered and got too much 'cause we're ridiculous. And just showroom's exploding. You just finished that. Yeah. And now you have to go tell people about Johnson's funeral Home service. Let our family guide your family [00:22:30] through this difficult time. I'm sorry. Oh gosh. You have to turn it on a dime. And it's
Like am and mm-hmm. .
So to give yourself a psychological buffer, that is why we stop. And a lot of actors think it's not important. It is important. Stop and read it out loud. Read the description. Read the notes, and read through the script before you record it. Because subconsciously you're now getting yourself into that p s A, you're getting yourself into that concert event or whatever it is, so you're not just ice cold [00:23:00] hitting record and exploding into these massive different emotions. 'cause it's impossible. You can't deliver a good performance if you don't cater to your own psyche a little bit. And that's how we do it. That's how we should do it.
Okay. That great question. Thank you. That's so helpful. Do you do anything in between takes? So do you like, literally like shake your body? Do you do anything like that to just reset
Sometimes? Hokey pokey, um, 'cause that's what it's all about. No. Um, Wow.
Uh, well, that's [00:23:30] a different question. You can't answer that question universally for voice actors, because I know a lot. Um, look, a majority of the work is commercial work. Uh, for the most part. And a majority of the commercial work is a straight read. A straight read is right now at the Home Depot, get 10% off screen doors, all this fault. The Home Depot, you don't need a lot of prep for a majority of it. But then there's actors and I tend to fall a bit more in this category that do a, a bit more character work or a bit more animation or a bit more video game or, you know, I even do jingle work. So for that stuff, yeah, you're [00:24:00] gonna want to take a second, you know, to, you know, alright, what the heck am I doing here? So there's no universal answer.
Like I do 30 steps on the treadmill or anything like that. But yeah, there's definitely some times when you, you know, uh, I remember I was doing a, working on a first person major shooter video game, and we were doing the last 10 lines of the game that were super intense. And I'm in this very studio, me and the director, he's like, he's like, let's go. [00:24:30] And I'm like, yeah. And just woo. And we were just going insane. 'cause
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Speaker 3:
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Speaker 1:
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you don't want to just walk up to Mike and be like, go two diamond Soldier. You know?
Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
Speaker 2:
Speaker 1: Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
Yeah. , you wanna do , you wanna take a second? You gotta Pump yourself up a bit.
You got to, I mean, I've punched 12 really noise, but you know what I'm saying? Yeah. . That's why, that's why this four by four booth is barely enough for me. But that's not, it's
Cool though, like the lights that are changing. Yeah. Oh, thank you. And I'm looking at them this whole time. , it's, it's,
Well that's,
I'm getting like a very studio 54 vibe. [00:25:00] Yeah.
Yeah. That's to show people that I'm a pretty high dollar operation. Right. , that's all bad. Now, if I'm not mistaken, um, we were looking at audition number three. Yes. And he was amazing. Um, yeah, let me jump into that. Is that all right? Yeah. Do we have another, okay. Yeah. All right. So in talking about audition number three, an unbelievable natural voice. I just finished moisturizing. It's great. Um, his voice is everything they ask for, um, for this read, I don't know if it's gonna be a good monster truck read, [00:25:30] kind of an actor. But the point is, the work's out there for everybody. Um, because he went with a slower, smoother delivery. My calculation puts him at seven seconds over on a 15 second. That's too much. That's gonna cost you. So, um, this is radio. We talked about that, uh, earlier, traditional radio's 15, 30, 60, if it was digital, not, not as rigid these days, but in traditional radio, which to the best of my knowledge, that's what this is.
[00:26:00] He's way over by 50%. And that's gonna cost him a lot, which is unfortunate. 'cause the sound was great. So I don't know this actor, but if he's made aware of that, and he should be aware of that, to have a, a voice that good, and then to be completely oblivious to timestamps, um, that's, that's odd because I'm sure this guy's booked. Um, okay. So yeah, he needs to tighten it up. If he could speed that up and retain a lot of that dead on. Dead on, perfect. [00:26:30] I don't wanna say perfect. I don't give out as ideal b plus B
Plus plus.
Okay. Fair . Okay. Um, well, I was also gonna say too, that he also used a music bed. Um, and he should have dropped that same, the raw file behind it. It did sound amazing with the music bed, but if I'm the casting director, I wanna hear it raw because I wanna go, man, this guy nailed it. Now, did he nail it or did the audition with the music nail it? That's important to me. And that's important to a casting director. You [00:27:00] really gotta include that raw take after that one other critique, if I really had to find one for him, because he was good, but I did hear it twice. I heard something. Um,
Speaker 1:
Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
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on the very first word experience, he almost popped the p a little bit. Mm. Um, which is,
Speaker 1:
you know, experience, uh, you know, explosive, which is gonna be one of two things.
He's either too close to the mic or he is not using a pop filter. And if he, that's an easy fix. Yeah. If he can just give a little attention to both of those, uh, and speed up his tempo, [00:27:30] uh, I mean, this is gonna be, gonna be hard to match. Uh, hard to beat. Also, when he said our experience, um, he said R and he blended it. He said, R adv advance. Oh no, I'm sorry. Our advanced formula. And so he popped his P but he said r Advanced formula. It was kind of mumbled and sloppy. Mm-hmm. , I get it because this is a relaxed read, but we're also professional talkers. Right. And so to articulate mm-hmm. . So in summary, for this guy who I'm beating up, even though I loved him , [00:28:00] um, watch Explosives back it up a bit, or get a pop filter or both, and articulate and watch that tempo. Wow.
Amazing. Wow. Thank you. Want
Feedback? Yeah,
Right. Sorry. I was in
There. You know what, we love a good pop filter here at Voices. We Do. Yeah. And they're cheap,
Perfectly perfect.
They are helpful with those Pelosis as that's what
Would say. And like Yeah. And like you said, it's an easy, easy fix. So I think that's what the talent is probably looking to hear. Easy fix.
. Okay. Last audition. [00:28:30] I'm very excited for this one. Me too. Okay, let's, let's hear it. Audition number four,
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[00:29:00] Alright. I mean, Jordan, is it a blinker? Is it a cooking timer? What's going on in the
Speaker 2: Speaker 3: Speaker 2: Speaker 3: Speaker 2: Speaker 1: Speaker 3: Speaker 2:
Speaker 3: Speaker 7:
Speaker 2:
Speaker 3: Speaker 1: Speaker 2:
Background? It's a fan here. It's a, it's gotta be the fan ticker. Ah, I think
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Speaker 1: Speaker 3: Speaker 2: Speaker 3:
Speaker 2: Speaker 1:
Speaker 2: Speaker 1: Speaker 2: Speaker 1:
Kick off. She's a delivery driver and her indicator was on . Um, Okay.
This is such, but we're here to help. So this is
Good. We're, and this is, I'm so happy we got this audition, and I, I was a, this was a front runner for me to talk about because Okay. This is what the whole show is about. We strive [00:29:30] to get auditions that are not near perfect, because then we can help these voice actors, right. So, yeah. Jordan, I'm throwing it over to you. . Give
Us some tips.
Look, I'm gonna be honest, and, and I want to take a quick second here to, to talk about being honest. Um, there are times, you know, in this industry for some reason, everybody just wants great job. Pat's on the head, you can do it. Don't give up hugs [00:30:00] and kisses, whatever. There's so much of that. And it honestly, it infuriates me.
It's not always sunshine and rainbows. It's Not. Right. Right.
Even most of the time it probably isn't. So.
Yeah, exactly. Anyways, and um, I tell my 10 year old son, I'm like, look, compliments are great. They make us feel good, but that's not where we grow. All right. There's no such thing as a bad mistake. And man, are, there's some mistakes on this one. So I choose to not sugarcoat this. [00:30:30] I'm not, I'm gonna be honest, and if, if I turn a few people off, well, maybe voice acting's not for you. Um, maybe if you, if you're not, if you're not hearing what I'm about to say on this audition, then maybe your coach is not being honest with you. Yeah, for sure. And you gotta ask yourself, is that an efficient use of your money and time? Mm-hmm. . Yep. Because this is one of the most competitive industries in the world. At some point, everybody wants to be a, a, a pro ball player or a rock star, or [00:31:00] a big movie star.
So everybody's trying to get in or stand up. Comedian, , . So everybody's trying to get in. There's no shortage of shortage of people knocking at the door. Mm- hmm. . Um, there's a lot of competition. So if somebody's not being brutally honest with you as a a, an up and coming actor, or even an established actor, then you're just getting screwed over. You're screwing yourself over. So knowing that, putting our seat belts on, let's talk about how we can help this actor. Okay. Um, [00:31:30] first off, uh, I don't understand. Some people just close their eyes and they just take a deep breath and they buy equipment sometimes, or they just get some used stuff and then they just start auditioning and I don't get it. Mm-hmm. ,
Speaker 1:
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what they need to do is open their eyes. Mm-hmm. don't buy anything.
Speaker 1:
Okay. You start with learning.
You watch YouTube videos, you join voiceover groups. If you're, if you're having an interest in this, if [00:32:00] you're starting out, watch YouTube videos. There's a billion of 'em out there. They're free. Join voiceover groups in social media. There are tons of them in every major market, even nationwide. Get some training that way, when you do invest your time and your valuable effort, you're not throwing your work in the trash. Mm-hmm. , you're actually producing something that has a chance to give you a reward. Now, um, to start on this one, the audio quality is literally some of the worst I've ever heard that. I, I think it's a ceiling fan. What did you guys hear? [00:32:30] I, I
Think it's a ceiling fan. Yeah. Uh, at first I thought it was a blinker. I'm gonna go ceiling fan as well. . I don't know. A car with
Ceiling fan in it. I
I thought like she
Was waiting. I I heard the chain tapping. That's,
That's what I heard too. And, uh, my thought is maybe this voice actor is extremely new and they just don't know that that sound will be picked up in their audio. But then that also leads me come on to think that they're not playing it back, which is a whole other issue. Yes.
I mean, come on. We can be devil's [00:33:00] advocate up to a point, but we have to be realistic. Yeah. I don't know what's going on here, but, uh, this person needs to be sat down and, and, and I, I don't feel like they're taking it seriously. Mm-hmm. , if I'm just being honest, I'm hearing a ceiling fan with a chain popping on it or something. There's passing cars, there's an air conditioning. It sounds like they may be recording into a phone. Yeah. Yeah. And that phone's maybe even across the room. I just, I don't know what's going on here. And honestly, it breaks my heart to an extent. So any training, [00:33:30] any training at all, a book a a book from mission acting Right. Podcasts,
We're here for. Right. Any training will quell all of these things upfront. This is universal. Um, and that's just the audio quality. Now let's talk about just the read itself with respect and love. And again, you know, this is tough love. 'cause this person needs to hear this. This person has never gotten any kind of qualified coaching at all. And they're delving into this. They have a membership. They're trying, [00:34:00] and this is just any person reading something that was handed to them with no training into possibly a phone. Now, I don't know why nobody goes and buys golf clubs, uh, all the CL shoes, gloves, hat, golf balls, and then shows up the next day going, hi, I'm here to win the golf
Speaker 2:
Speaker 1: Speaker 2: Speaker 3: Speaker 1: Speaker 3:
Speaker 1:
Speaker 1:
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tournament. . Yeah. Nobody does that. Nobody does that. Nobody goes out and
Speaker 1:
buys a, a hand saw and says, well, I'm gonna go open a furniture store tomorrow.
Yeah. Nobody [00:34:30] does that. But for some reason people think, oh, professional voice acting. Hold on one second. I'm grabbing my phone here. That's easy. I'm ready to go. Mm-hmm. , and I don't, I don't get it. Uh, there's nothing I can really address on this except for do give yourself more respect to, you know, stop auditioning, go do some basics, talk to people that have done it. Mm-hmm. , there's a million ways, there's tons of resources, uh, most none of which are free. So [00:35:00] get some training before you walk into this world and think that you're gonna compete with the hardworking professionals that have put effort into this passion and this craft. And, and, you know, you can't even assess an audition like this because of, of, of that starting point. Does that make sense? I'm sorry to hear brutal percent. Yeah. But I want a lot of people to hear that. Yeah.
And, and I think it's important for people to hear that, especially so many things. But for the first one, that they can just pick up a phone and record, put your phone down if, if you're gonna record on your phone. Right. Don't record [00:35:30] at all. That's
It's professional voice acting.
Yes. It, it is. Yeah. We have so many on, on voices alone, we have so free resources to teach people, but then it's, it's that passion. And it didn't come through the read. It's like you said, Jordan, they just, it's as if they maybe picked up a random piece of paper and just read it. Yeah.
There was, they just read it. It doesn't matter what was on that page. Anything is gonna sound that way. No passion, a recipe. Mm-hmm. anything.
Yeah. Yeah. And I do think it's really important for people to hear that, because this should be [00:36:00] taken very seriously. It, it's a career. You wouldn't just, like you said, uh, uh, Roy McElroy didn't just show up and say, Hey, I wanna win this golf tournament. I, how does it, how
Does this work? What? I put those shoes on and I'm good. Let's do this. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, I liken it to, um, uh, you know, uh, American Idol. Do y'all have Canadian Idol? We do. I like it. , is it still, what's his name? The guy. I
Think American Idol is way better though. How
I What's the guy's name that started American Idol? What's his name? Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell.
Simon. [00:36:30] When he, when that show first came out, everybody just saw he was the meanest. Yeah. And he was just the rudest. That guy is the most, the greatest gift to anybody coming on that show. He's honest. That's the guy. Yeah. He's honest. And, and I
Speaker 3:
Speaker 1: Speaker 3:
Speaker 1: Speaker 3:
Speaker 1:
Speaker 2: Speaker 1: Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
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Speaker 2: Speaker 1:
Speaker 2:
Speaker 1: Speaker 2: Speaker 1: Speaker 2:
Speaker 3: Speaker 2: Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
liken this audition to the reason that show got famous. People liked watching the singers that were amazing. Yes. Nobody cared about the mid-level people. They also equally, probably more so like the singers that came on and basically embarrassed themselves. Mm-hmm. . I don't know why people like that. But the thing that stood out to me was [00:37:00] I'd watch that and I'd be like, this person is up there singing their heart out, even though it sounds like someone's wrenching a cat, you know? But they think, they think that they have a shot. Right. And all of us, the reason we're watching 'em we're like, how, how did you get to that point? Right. How, and, and you see that in entertainment. And this is kind of a, you know, similar to that. And I wish Simon was here to be like, VA was ful. Is he British? ?
He is. He's British.
Yeah. Now that said, I have to, you know, I was raised Well, I have to say, I love and respect [00:37:30] the fact this person's got a passion for this. Mm-hmm. and I, and I don't say anything with any, uh, you know, any angst or whatever. I want this person to continue to pursue this, but I want 'em to do it efficiently and respectfully to themselves. Mm-hmm. , that's what I want them to do. I want to see that person succeed.
Mm-hmm. . All right. Are those all, is that all your feedback for this audition? Jordan?
Yeah. . Okay. No. .
Are you done for
The day? Bless her heart. . She's, yeah. I wish her the best. I really do.
No, but this is this, it's the point of [00:38:00] the podcast. So it's great to have, um, you know, the expert say these things and hopefully they take it into account and
We'll, and just improve. We'll Hear 'em next time and it'll be a Lot better. Yeah. I, and
It, I'd like, I'd like to hear that person a year from now. Yeah. Yes. Hundred percent hope. I hope that person says the phrase. Oh, awesome. Oh, I get it. I hope they have a year of saying that phrase over and over again. I want the best form. I really do.
And really, two, two, somewhat simple improvements. Improve your audio quality and improve where you're recording. [00:38:30] Start there.
Honestly, I would make the priority to improve the performance. 'cause who cares what the quality sounds. That person is so far away from a performance improvement. And
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Speaker 2:
Speaker 1: Speaker 3:
Speaker 1:
that sounded like a, a, a pushing a boulder up a hill. I don't mean so far. It's very attainable. A couple of months working with a real coach to get a believe all you want, all any voice sector. The only measuring stick we all have, myself included, and that person included, is believability. Mm-hmm. my voice. You hearing this? This is so [00:39:00] generic. . Nobody's paying Jordan a hundred Jones for this voice. They're paying me for the believability. Right. And that's the skill. That's the craft. So the person needs to focus on that. Who caress about recording it right now? Nobody's gonna buy it right now. Mm-hmm. . Oh, okay. So focus all, all resources on her craft, develop, develop a product that somebody's gonna wanna buy. Yeah. Then figure out and deal with how to record it and track it later.
Yeah. It's almost like jumping too far to the, to the last step and being like, I want it to be perfect. And it's like, yeah, you just missed all the [00:39:30] 20 steps to get there. Mm-hmm.
. Yeah. I mean, you might as well send an invoice. Don't even bother to send an audition if you're gonna do it that backwards, you know, . Yeah,
That's, that's such a good point because again, I, I always learn something on this show, but for me right away I'd be like, oh, just go in a treated room. Like start in your closet. But it does make so much sense to know, start with yourself and start just getting that passion and be, and being believable, like you said. Um, yeah. And then go to another step.
Yeah. I can't tell you how many times a year somebody will reach out to me [00:40:00] and they'll say, Hey, I'm really wanting to get into voice acting. I just got all my equipment. I'm almost done working on my demo. Will you give it a listen? And I'm just like, interesting. What was that last part? Yeah. And they're like, I've almost got my demo done. I'm like, your demo. Have you gotten any training? Have you booked before? Have you done voice acting? No. I'm just getting into it. And I'm like, the word demo is short for demo demonstration. Yeah. So if you've never done it before, you've never booked, you've never been trained, what exactly do you think you are demonstrating? Right. [00:40:30] And then I listen and it's exactly that they're demonstrating that they have no training. They haven't put any time into the craft, into the, into the, the art form. And they're demonstrating that. I've told people before, I'm like, look, I don't know what you've got this up on. Pull this down right now. And I'm, again, I'm guilty too. My heart was all a glow when I started out. And so I whatever, put something together, I go back and listen now. I'm like, oh gosh, . Did anybody hear that? That's so embarrassing.
. But it goes to show that you even started at, at, of course, a point at one.
You know, [00:41:00] nobody knows what's going on. That's why we gotta get out there and get the help and, and use our resources wisely.
100%. Okay. Well this was such a great conversation. It, but we must pick a winner. Jordan .
Speaker 2: Speaker 1:
Speaker 2:
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Speaker 1:
Speaker 2: Speaker 1: Speaker 6:
Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
Speaker 2: Speaker 3: Speaker 1:
Speaker 2: Speaker 1:
Speaker 2: Speaker 3:
Speaker 1:
Speaker 3:
Well, I think it was that last one, because that's the one I learned the most from. No .
Alright, well Jeff will also insert a drum roll in here at some point. It'll,
So should I hold for drum roll, Jeff? Uh, whenever you're ready.
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I knew it. I
Loved number three. As soon as he got three words in, even though there was that mild pop on the p I knew, I was like, oh my gosh. I looked down [00:42:00] and I was rubbing something on my arm, you know, and I'm like, what? I
Feel crazy. Tara was subscribed already.
They already have my credit card information. Yeah. I want a monthly subscription list.
Yeah. I quit voice acting. I work for that guy now, . So if you guys need some creamers or whatever, call me Such a
Great choice. Great. So number three. Great. Okay, well, congratulations to the talent for booking this job,
. I ha I hate to say it, but this is one of those examples where that music bed was so dead on that, that I would [00:42:30] use it, but you've gotta include the raw performance at the end and speed up his tempo. But other than that, that's your winner.
Such a great choice. Alright, Tara.
All right. Well that is a wrap. Thank you so much for tuning into Mission Audition. We hope this episode has really helped you learn more on mastering Red Light Fever so you can start leveling up and nailing your auditions. Jordan, how can talent get in touch with you?
Uh, the best way is Jordan Hunter jones.com. Um, I've been told I'm Googleable, so if you Google Jordan Hunter Jones, that should [00:43:00] come up. But of course, if you're Googling it, you can just remember the website. So whatever. Either one of those is fine. , just don't forget the Hunter. Okay. 'cause I don't even, yeah. Okay. ,
That's great. Thank you.
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Speaker 2: Speaker 1: Speaker 2: Speaker 3: Speaker 1: Speaker 3:
Speaker 2:
Speaker 3: Speaker 2: Speaker 3: Speaker 1: Speaker 2:
So no social media, we're gonna clarify that. I
Mean, I have it, but Yes. You know, when you're Googleable, I mean,
Oh, that's all you need,
. You're your next level. You're above social media at this point. That's Right. Yeah. If
You're looking to enhance your skills, we do offer a wide range of scripts for you to practice, including today's script. It's [email protected] [00:43:30] slash blog. And if you need any more resources from Jordan, please feel free to connect with him at his website as described Jordan Hunter jones.com.
Well, thank you so much for joining us today, Jordan, and thank you all for tuning into this episode of Mission Audition. I'm Vanessa, and I'm here with my incredible co-host, Tara. If you'd like to check out our other podcasts, head to voices.com/podcasts.
See you next time, and happy auditioning.
. What? What's your Canadian accent? Accent? Uh, well, I'm sorry, boot that, but
That sounds like Irish or Polish or something.

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